Style Tips — 26th May 2008

Miu Miu
Photo by Kris Atomic. (Drool.)


Learn some choice French phrases!

Compile a list of people you’d like to know or meet, & start making contact!

Next time you buy a magazine, rip out every page that contains an advertisement. Marvel at the huge stack of advertising, & the minimal amount of content. Ask yourself, is the value of the content worth what you’ve just paid to be advertised to? Make your future magazine purchases accordingly.

Change your skin tone. (& I mean that in a strictly non-Michael Jackson way!) If you pride yourself on your golden tone, lay off the UV for a while & see if you can learn to appreciate a paler pallor. If you’re usually ghostly & fair, try a spray tan & see how it changes how you feel, what you wear & how you look.

Spend time alone, in a park, with a pair of glamorous sunglasses & a good book. (Take snacks.)

Swear off television & movies for a week, & decide to become a producer rather than a consumer.

Buy yourself a pair of fabulous, extravagant heels. Go on. Just do it!