Style Tips: 26th October 2009

Style Tips
Tim Walker forever!

Monday 26th October:
Take intentionally ugly photos! Hideous photobooth strips are the best. Roll your eyes, make faces, do your best to look fiendish. It is Halloween after all!

Tuesday 27th October:
Read poems about werewolves. (!!!) The following poem is by Richard Brautigan, he is one of my favourites. (You can read more of his work here.)

A Boat

Wednesday 28th October:
Devise fancier outfits to do generic things. Don’t walk the dog in a pair of old trackpants — throw on some wool stockings underneath a slip, then add big boots & a cute hoodie. Replace an oversized sweater with a great coat, trade your jeans for a skirt, & accessorise with a rad hat or a great pair of sunglasses.

Thursday 29th October:
Take the word BELLATRIX (Latin for female warrior) & use it as your motto for the week.

Friday 30th October:
Write yourself a style mission statement for the fall/winter or spring/summer 2009/10. (Want some ideas? Check out Fashion Report: Summer/Autumn 2007 & Fashion Report: Spring/Summer 2007/08.)

Saturday 31st October:
Make a film of your Halloween experience. If you don’t have a video camera, borrow someone else’s. Interview your friends, document the decorations, be a party spy. If Halloween is a bit of a non-event in your neighbourhood, record the boringness of it all, then resolve to move somewhere where they do it RIGHT!

Sunday 1st November:
Write a grandiose love letter & tape it to a lamp post.