Style Tips — 27th April 2009

Style Tips

Separate your planner or journal into sections. Mine, for example, has each day split into 3 parts: iCiNG, social & personal. For some reason, putting each actionable item under a heading makes everything much more manageable. I learned this trick from my friend Livia, who is very clever! Her day is split into 5 sections: money, career, artistry, relationships & being a woman in the world. Come up with headings which make sense for you, or are applicable to things you want to achieve!

Cut the tags out of your underwear. There is nothing worse than an errant tag to mess up an otherwise perfect outfit!

Use Big Huge Labs’ Mosaic Maker & Flickr to make a vision board. Set it as your desktop background & start making things happen!

Learn how to read tarot cards.

Plan a Friday the 13th party. (Next one is in November!)

Stop being shy about your talents — tell the world!

Style Tips

Invite your favourite person over for a slumber party.

Decide that you’re done with making excuses. If you want to get fit, for example, you don’t need to join a gym — start doing push-ups in your living room or go for a run around the block!

Buy a really bright umbrella for brightening up dreary rainy days.

Smile when you write emails. I swear it will come through in your writing!

Buy a glass top for your table or desk, so that you can put pictures down & press them under the glass. Instant inspiration, instantly changeable, instant happy!

Stock up on vintage caftans in which to lounge around the house. (Ebay & Etsy are good for that kind of thing!)

Go to a trimmings shop & buy things to glue to headbands or pin into your hair.