Style Tips — 29th October 2007


Wake up at a ridiculous hour to photograph the sunrise.

Start keeping your receipts. Chuck them in a shoebox & thank me later! Things are actually meant to last & if they break, you should take them back — it doesn’t matter WHAT you paid!

Dance in every elevator you catch today, alone or not. I am like a one-woman elevator disco at all times. It makes the vertical commute so much more exciting! (Not to mention, I love the idea of cuties across the world dancing in elevators!)

Wear original sunglasses, regardless of the season. Why wear the same ones everyone else has? Last night I stumbled across Kurzenberger’s World of Glasses on Ebay, & it officially blew my mind! They have the most AMAZING range of vintage sunglasses, all at reasonable prices. I like the 70’s & 80’s section, but then, I would. Look at these, & these, & these & these! Squeal! (If you’re not sure what will suit you, read this!)

Buy something in an animal print — like a faux leopard coat or a zebra-striped bikini. I am nutty for animal print right now.

Break an old fashion rule. Wear socks with open-toed heels, mix navy blue or brown with black, deliberately mismatch your bag & your shoes. The majority of those rules are boring & antiquated & they don’t have any sway anymore — shrug them off! You will feel liberated for it.

Take your best friend flowers for no reason at all, other than that you love them.

Wear a scarf & sunglasses in the supermarket & relish the looks everyone else gives you. They never quite know — are you a rockstar or a shoplifter?

Listen to Kylie Minogue!