Style Tips — 30th June 2008

Next time you have to make a nerve-wracking phone-call, put on your best, most fabulous pair of shoes. March around your room in them for a bit, pluck up your courage & then dial on your feet. (You always sound more authoritative standing up!)

Open yourself up to new kinds of music. Gregorian chanting, classical music, drumming circles, jazz, mind-blowing electronica, waltzes, turntablism… There is something magical in every musical genre, which can speak to a part of you that was previously untouched. Make it your mission to listen to something different & observe how your body reacts.

Wear a sparkly bikini top under your clothing. No one else needs to know, but you will have shimmering ta-tas!

Start making yourself a charm bracelet full of meaningful totems. Collect charms which mean something to you & remind you of past successes or future goals. (Everything on my charm bracelet has meaning, & when I wear it I feel like having those things near me moves me closer to what I want.) I’ve found the best range of charms on Ebay, & I particularly like Velvet Violet‘s shop.

Experiment with Bach flower remedies. Flowers in liquid format dropped onto the tongue? It all sounds very romantic, doesn’t it?

Listen to The Cure during a thunderstorm. (Read Poppy Z. Brite for extra bonus points! Eyeliner optional.)