Style Tips — 3rd October 2007

If you don’t own a full-length mirror yet, buy one! But most importantly, make sure it is sitting square, either on a couple of raised boxes or hung on the wall. I realised the other day that because my mirror is tilted backward — so I can see my entire body — it also makes me look disproportionately large from the hips down!

Remember to say “please” & “thank you”. It seems so elementary but is easily forgotten, & nobody likes an urchin! Charm is back.

Start buying magnificent hats (wide-brimmed, casual, sun, cocktail, ushanka) & brooches (cameo, floral, crystal, bronze). Wear them with simple outfits to tart them up & add some pizazz.

Decide to spend some time lying down, reading magazines & eating exotic fruit (passionfruit, mango, papaya, guava).

Go to the hairdresser just to have your hair washed & blown dry. The head massage is always the best bit of a haircut, & this way you don’t have to deal with the trauma of it being too short or making you look like something from Little Shop Of Horrors!

Stop underestimating & underselling yourself NOW.

Listen to more Fleetwood Mac.