Style Tips — 5th October 2009

Style TipsI made these on Friday — recipe here!(Highly recommended, A++, would trade again!)

Monday 5th October:
Bake cupcakes while listening to White Zombie! (Food tastes better if you dance while you prepare it…)

Tuesday 6th October:
Cover your arms in butterfly temporary tattoos — from the tips of your fingers to the crest of your shoulder.

Wednesday 7th October:
Use Moroccan tea glasses as vases, & fill with tiny flowers. Put a different coloured glass in every room of your house.

Thursday 8th October:
Buy & repaint a big doll-house in psychedelic colours. Turquoise with white trim & pink doors? Violet with tangerine accents? Put tealight candles inside & place it on your dining table. (But don’t set your entire house ablaze, okay?)

Friday 9th October:
Go out & take photos of fairies.

Saturday 10th October:
Wrap yourself up in Christmas lights for your lover to discover when they get home.

Sunday 11th October:
Hang a canopy over your bed & have dedicated You time beneath it every Sunday. Tea, biscuits & a good book should be part of the regime!