Style Tips — 8th May 2008

Instead of treating people like strangers, & only showing kindness or your true self once you know them, pretend they’re you’re best friend. You don’t need to go overboard, but make them feel important, pay attention to them & be open. You will be amazed.

Eat fresh fruit for breakfast.

Go people-watching, & work out what it is you like about other people. Then think of ways that you could incorporate that into your own life. Maybe it’s a certain swagger, an edgy femininity, big hair or the way they touch other people when they speak to them. Write notes & then make an effort to give it your own individual twist.

Film yourself walking down the street. Then use some video editing software to set it to music. The music should reflect what’s going on — is it an ethereal drift, a punk rock jaunt, or a unique strut? Now put it up on Youtube (or Flickr)!

Write all your emails in haiku format for a week.

Keep your money in a sock (striped? Lacy? With toes? You decide!) instead of a wallet.