Style Wars

This evening I attended the ‘Style Wars’ fashion parade, held by Frankie magazine at the Melbourne Town Hall. As I took my spot in the media riser — fabulous view, thank you Haystac! — I watched the people trickling in. It was rather interesting. In fact, I would put it on par with the parade itself. No, it wasn’t just interesting, it was fascinating. Of course, fashion parades are notorious for attracting people with lots of style & an interest in pushing the boundaries of fashion. (Going to see women in ridiculous shoes & men in leggings isn’t exactly everyone’s cup of tea.)

Among the women in the prototypical leggings & ballet flats combo, I also saw: a woman wearing the same Pucci boots as Melisa (see here), a man in black with a colourful scarf a silver shoulder bag, zebra-print stockings, a cute Asian boy with a massive spiked hair-do, an even cuter girl in a trenchcoat with a pixie haircut, LOTS of blunt-cut bobs in black or platinum (they looked great), a girl in a Minnie Mouse t-shirt, a fedora (bad form at a show with people potentially trying to look past it), a woman in a blue business shirt with a white collar & ultra-skinny jeans, & someone with golden cherub curls.

Now! Onto the show coverage!

Cat's eye makeupCat’s eye makeup was de rigueur.

The cat’s eye is “in”
As is badly-applied tan
Don’t do anything else which imitates
Ms. Winehouse & her man.



TV loves check & lamé,
Their pleats were tres chic
I dug their modern take
On the newly-cool geek.

Kate HurstKate Hurst.

Kate Hurst

Sun-dresses followed by pleather
Was enough to make me think,
It was so very Grease
…Without the ladies in pink.

Material BoyMaterial Boy.

Material Boy

The models worked for their money
None of them were having much fun
If I ever saw a man actually dressed like this
I would feel incredibly glum.

Romance Was BornRomance Was Born.

Romance Was Born

Romance Was Born brings me joy
They are always so disparate
I loved their pink bunny suit
Complete with dangling carrots.

Romance Was Born

Romance Was Born