Styling Without Ironing

“Hi Gala, I was wondering whether you could include some tips on professional styling when attempting to avoid clothes that need ironing. I don’t hate ironing, but am intrinsically lazy and simply never get around to it. Thus, a lot of my work clothes are either waiting to be ironed or don’t require ironing but are really humdrum and lead to the fashion doldrums. Help please!”

I am not really the person to ask, since I NEVER iron my clothes. I suspect the reason for this is that I don’t work a corporate job, & therefore have very little clothing that is desperate to be ironed. (If you shop carefully, you too will be in a similar situation.)

However, the one thing I have which does need it sometimes is a short skirt with pleats. When it needs a little pressing, I find that ironing-tolerant lovers are very helpful. Break a deal — they do the ironing in exchange for something else. This is, of course, all at your discretion.

If lovers are not your thing, I find Chinese laundries a great help.

Good luck to you.