Summer Essentials 2007

Summer Essentials

Tennis lessons
So you can cultivate your tennis chic look, of course! Remember, tennis lessons mean nothing unless you have a super-wealthy friend with an enormous tennis court & a butler, so if you don’t already know someone like this, perhaps you could place an ad on Craigslist… If you want to maintain the look without the physical exertion, just start carrying a tennis racket & tying a sweater over your shoulders. Fabuleux!

Wrinkles & creases are for “it” bags & old love letters, not faces! Keep that in mind!

Minx heels
Every girl needs a pair of shoes that make them feel like they’re having palpitations. I am currently lusting over the shoes pictured — Christian Louboutin knotted open-toe sandals. I tried them on last weekend & didn’t want to take them off. They are the ideal shoe for drinking cocktails outdoors in the warm night air, surrounded by stars (in the sky & around you, darling) & cameras. Oh, yes.

Postcards & a fabulous pen
For writing sonnets to your lovers & admirers while you’re on holiday, of course! Be sure to extol the virtues of wherever you are — even if you’re plagued by flies & food poisoning — & sign them off with a sticky kiss & a flourish!

Duwop lip venom
For perfectly plump, sexily swollen kisses & a bit of colour! (This gloss also gets the Gala seal of approval for postcard-smooching.)

Photobooth strips
Taken with your nearest & dearest (even if you can’t remember their names the next day) & stashed in your handbag for entertainment purposes.

Moth orchid

A plant
You may not be home to care for it too often, but if you buy cleverly, it won’t need a lot of work anyway. Plus, they make every living space look about a million times better. Go for something which looks alien but delicate. My favourite is the moth orchid (the one I owned when I lived in Auckland is pictured above). Remember to name it something exotic, like Beauregarde, & stick a name-tag on the front of the pot.

A masquerade mask
Not a nasty cheap one, an incredibly decadent one (you might want to make your own). & if no one will throw a masquerade party this summer, then you will just have to throw your own, won’t you?!

An exercise plan
So you look your absolute best for summer. Sleeveless dresses & short skirts are the enemy of the unprepared, I am feeling the fear myself! If you don’t know where to begin, try this — I am!

Something to put on your head
I like turbans & big sunhats. What you choose is up to you but you simply MUST have something on your noggin this summer!

Other honourable mentions:
A Moleskine diary or notebook, a passport, a driver, a big armchair for long phone conversations, contraception, crisp white sheets, a sweet but light fragrance, lanterns for your balcony, regular mani/pedicures, magazine subscriptions, a list of summer goals & a devotion to having fun!