Summer Gratitude List: 2017

Eclipse season is upon us, my friends. I don’t know about you, but this summer has thrown me — and my loved ones — its fair share of challenges. There has been frustration, and tears, and a funeral. But even in the midst of those moments, there is sweetness to be had. Hugging your friends so tight when you cry. Texting video and voice messages to the people who light up your heart. Dreaming about a brighter future. And making a promise to honor those who left too soon.

So I wanted to make a little summer gratitude list to remind myself of the many magical moments I’ve experienced so far. I hope it inspires you to tilt your head and look at your life with new eyes, too.

The photobooth at the Ace Hotel (with its polka-dot curtain) and my favourite Virgo girl who’s always up for it  Pressed sandwiches from Dr Smood  My man skateboarding to work and Cleo running along beside him!  Lying on the roof at Ludlow House with Colin, drinking lemonade and laughing like old ladies  Press-on nails (they make quite a scene; a woman at the gym interrupted me mid-kickback to ask about them)  A sheet of hot pink Lakshmi stickers  ABCV, my new favourite restaurant  Dreaming about going to Bali  Two dozen pink roses because I’m spoiled and I love it  Falling asleep in fresh clean sheets  FaceTiming with my dad and laughing  Being in a portal with Alexandra  Manifesting out of thin air  Hot days that feel like a sauna and warm you from the inside out  Doing yoga to hip-hop in a dark, candlelit room  Magically somehow having the perfect dress to match G’s navy blue and red suit  Crazy morning thunderstorms  Strip clubs that play Nine Inch Nails and Rage Against The Machine  Bedrooms that smell like eucalyptus  Morning voice messages  Infrared saunas with rainbow lights  Three of my favourite people visiting NYC in one week!  Magical potions  Getting things done  Multiple tarot/palm/oracle card readings that have all told me the exact same thing  Feeling inspired to undertake new projects  Getting prepped for my New Moon ritual tomorrow night! 

And, special mention? Garnett and I just celebrated our two year anniversary. I wore a hot pink crushed velvet dress with a diamante choker and extra-high platform Mary Janes (very Bad Barbie), and he took me to see Chris Rock, Kevin Hart, and Dave Chappelle at Radio City Music Hall. It was fucking phenomenal, a historic night of comedy. We laughed so hard… And I love him more than ever.

By the way, Alexandra and I are doing a Love Lab event on Facebook tomorrow morning at 11am Eastern. It’s free free free, and we’ll be taking your love, sex, and relationship questions and giving you actionable advice you can use! I can’t wait. Join us!

Photo by Made U Look Photography.