Summer Is The Perfect Time For A One-Person Love Affair! Radical Self Love Bootcamp Is Half Price!

Radical Self Love Bootcamp SALE!

Okay, it’s officially summer. It should be one of the most exciting times of the year, but if you’re filled with Body Dread (TM), it can feel like a nightmare come to life!

Some people would tell you that if you’re having nightmares about appearing on the beach in your swimsuit, you should start watching what you eat. I disagree. Your body is GLORIOUS! You don’t have to change an inch! But if you’re not happy with it, the answer isn’t diet pills — it’s a major dose of radical self love!

There are a lot of different ways to embark on your radical self love journey — you only need to look at the radical self love tag for a ton of ideas! But if you’re not totally sure where to start, or you’d like me to hold your hand while you dip your toe in, Radical Self Love Bootcamp is for you! & now’s the perfect time to do it, because it’s half price until Wednesday the 6th of June!

What is Radical Self Love Bootcamp? It’s a 30 day course which will teach you how to fall in love with yourself. In addition to daily reading & activities, there are instructional videos, MP3s, & the best thing of all… Access to the top secret Radical Self Love forum!

The forum is an integral part of the course, because it connects you to so many others who — just like you — are committed to seeing the magic in the everyday, widening their view of what beauty looks like, & learning how to live their passion. It’s an amazing community of women!

Radical Self Love Bootcamp started in October, & since then over 500 people have signed up for the program! The emails I get from participants are so incredible. It’s amazing how much we can transform our lives when we decide to make it a priority!

I want you to feel good about yourself this summer. I want you to skip down the beach in a bikini & feel like the sauciest thing on the planet! I know the cost of the program can be prohibitive for some people, & it’s important to me that people who really want the program can get their hands on it! For this reason, until next Wednesday, I’ve knocked Radical Self Love Bootcamp down to half price!

Super special for super special babes! For a limited time, Radical Self Love Bootcamp is only $50US. You don’t need Paypal to sign up: if you have a credit card, that will work too! All you have to do is click the heart on the left.

Once you enroll, you can start whenever you want: today, tomorrow or next week! You’ll also receive your invitation to become a part of our bangin’ Radical Self Love FORUM! (It’s awesome. We become real life penpals. Seriously: come join us!)

Don’t just take my word for it — here’s some feedback from just a few of the women you’ll meet in the forum!

“I love your blog, your RSL bootcamp, and the parts of Love & Sequins I’ve read/listened to so far. You are one of my biggest inspirations, not because you inspire me to be like you, but because you inspire me to be me.” (Susannah)

“For me, the best part of RSL Bootcamp was the encouragement (through activities, homework, and the forum) to write about my hopes, dreams, and fears in a journal. This really helped me to stop bottling up the thoughts that were stressing me out, and to tackle them on paper instead. I found I got the most out of the bootcamp when I followed through with the activities, wrote my gratitude lists, and wrote in my journal daily. The women on the forum are wonderful, kind, and helpful people. They are from all different types of backgrounds, all different ages, and each has something brilliant to bring to the table. Meeting and chatting with a number of these women has been a great experience.” (Meaghan)

“I love the book, and I think you have a lot of great advice in it! You have a wonderful energy and I love the joy that you bring to what you do. I feel like it is helping me move forward on my own journey. You are a real inspiration, and so thank you.” (Katheryn)

“After reading through Love & Sequins several times, I decided to take the big plunge and do the Bootcamp. I had made some strides in therapy, but the Bootcamp really helped give me concrete things to do on a daily basis. I’ve slowly started to put myself first, listen to my intuition, & blossom into a better version of who I was before. As you say, it’s not an overnight transformation. It’s a lifelong commitment to caring for the person who matters most, ME! I think I’ve improved leaps and bounds in the past 3 months. I can only imagine how much better things will get. Thank you for your commitment to radical self love and your willingness to share it with those of us who need it most.” (Emily)

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this journey you have created, to help me learn how to apply these great tools to love myself FINALLY!!!!! You are a brilliant fluorescent angel of love. Keep up the revolution!” (Alyssa)

I know that sometimes we feel guilty about spending money on ourselves; we feel like we’re being self-indulgent or ridiculous. The truth is this: you are your own best investment. Learning to love yourself will change everything else in your life. You will feel more confident, more happy & more aware. You’ll be more positive & more assertive. You won’t be afraid to ask for what you want — you will know that you deserve everything you desire.

I promise that if you complete the exercises & do the work laid out for you, in 30 days time you will feel like a completely new person. It is that powerful!

Remember: happiness is a choice you make! Here’s to the best summer ever!

Photo by Made U Look Photography!