Sunday, I’m In LOVE!

B Brian Atwood

A moment of silence for these shoes, please. Let’s appreciate their irridescent pink sparkle, the mad heel, the elegance of the styling. Trust me when I say they look just as good — if not better — on a foot. Dribble! (Disco ball is optional, of course, but it definitely adds something to the overall effect.)

I hope you’re having a fabulous Sunday… But if you’re doing something unglamorous, I understand and empathise! I’m spending mine inside, despite the glorious weather, working on Top Secret Projects (TM) and organising everything for the next week.

I actually love working on a Sunday, because it makes me feel like I’m ahead of things for the whole week. And the Top Secret Project (TM) I’m working on makes me so happy, and fills me with so much joy, that it’s a delight to devote myself to.

Sometimes, sacrifice is necessary to achieve things that are important to you. Sure, I’d love to lounge around today, watch some trashy TV and go shopping, but I know that if I put the work in now, it will pay dividends…

If there’s a project in the back of your head, I encourage you to start working on it TODAY. Turn up some of your favourite tunes, grab a notepad and start jotting down everything the project will require. Then use that momentum to start at the top.

You will feel so much better if you do that today, instead of messing around! I promise!

Kiiiiinda guilt-tripping you, but only out of love,