Sunday Rituals

Is there anything you do every Sunday to prepare you for the start of a new week? Do you go to church or tidy your house? Visit relatives or do the grocery shopping?

My Sunday routine involves:
Spending most of the morning in bed, with my Macbook — this is one of the (very few) ways in which I differentiate my Sunday from the rest of the working week. Most days I am up early & at my desk. (The only other real difference is that on Sundays, I don’t push myself so hard to produce content.)
Clearing my email inbox — I try to do this every day, but it is something I rarely manage to finish, so Sunday is like the last frontier of email responding!
Cleaning the house, in some way or another — I am not good on vacuuming, but I at least do the dishes & take out the rubbish!
Planning the week ahead — what I’m going to write for iCiNG, as well as jotting down (in my glorious page-a-day Moleskine) any events or other things that need doing.
Burning incense — I am a dirty hippie, perhaps, but I love the smell of Nag Champa incense a lot. It is very comforting & sweet to me.
Relaxing — as much as I can…

I get really excited about Mondays & the way a new week is like a blank slate, so I like to be chilled out & ready for it.

I think my ideal Sunday routine would contain the following elements:
Slow, leisurely brunch with someone I like.
Lying in bed & reading the newspapers & any & all magazines I haven’t managed to get through.
Yoga in the afternoon. I love yoga. It is so relaxing, I actually just yawned thinking about it. I also love the feeling of a good yoga workout the day afterwards. Drool! Too good!
Drinking lots of water, eating a really good salad, & being read to before I fell asleep.

I should probably start incorporating those things into my life!

How about you?