Super Street Style or Why These People Look So Damn Good

Some of my favourite recent looks from Flickr & Hel-Looks. Daily outfits with a twist, yessir.

Roxanne (also has Somebody on a Livejournal community recently asked how do you feel about colour combinations of black/navy, brown/black? & I answered, bring it on! When done well, it looks great. I think Roxanne proves my point very well — the brown belt around the black dress looks excellent. I love the high-heeled mary janes & the white collar with the white stockings. White stockings can be hard to wear since can make you look kind of plump, but I think that if you only show from the knee down, it looks great, as seen here.
I love the proportions of this outfit — that enormous hooded sweatshirt with the leggings & bizarrely-laced boots. The latex mask across the eyes is great too. Not an outfit for everyday, but certainly an interesting look.
I’m not sure about the stockings. The outfit is quirky enough without them, something a bit simpler would have been more effective. But the hat is perfect, the dress is fabulous, I love the brooch on the dress & the handbag as well. On closer inspection, it appears that she might be pregnant?! If so, she is definitely the most well-dressed pregnant woman I have ever seen.
This outfit isn’t too amazing (gothic lolita style is a bit easy & has never really grabbed me in a big way), but I love the enormous hair in conjunction with the scarf around the neck. Beautiful.
She is immaculate! So stylish it hurts! Let’s see: her umbrella, sweater, gloves, stockings & heels are all in a matching shade of tangerine. The black jacket with the elaborately-knotted (& detailed) scarf is just too divine for words, & I like the extra splash of mustard yellow in the skirt. Makes the outfit a little different, rather than just sticking to black + tangerine. Even better, she looks like she KNOWS how good she looks, & is proud of it. Good for her! I bet she has the most incredible house.
These two look great, don’t they? I suspect they look better as a unit than alone — they set off the other person’s look wonderfully. The flowing blonde locks work really well on both of them. I like his hat (& the way it makes his ears look pixie-esque), though I would have undone the last button on the jacket. I also don’t think I have ever seen pants so tight. (I hear it’s bad for the sperm count.) She is gorgeous, which helps, but I like the rustic/vintage/childlike look she has going on here. Great saddle shoes (so adorable!) & the feathers hanging off the bag totally make it.
I love the way she’s coyly peering out from behind her bleached hair. Can you tell I am totally into the bandanna-around-the-neck thing? She’s wearing hers over a hoodie (clever), & then covering the hoodie with a black tunic with an incredibly odd cut. Cute ripped jeans with black stockings underneath, & did you notice her bag?! Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck! I bet she found it in a vintage store for $3 & it made her day.
Great hat, great scarf, great jacket. The hat, jacket & shoes all match which makes the outfit work really well. Hints of blue in the scarf & a blue hoodie with dark-wash jeans. So cool. He knows he looks good, too, just like the girl with the tangerine umbrella. He is also toting a Mickey Mouse bag — maybe that’s big in Scandinavia at the moment (does anyone know?). I love a guy who isn’t afraid to carry a bag. Props to you, my friend!