Surviving The Tyranny Of Valentine’s Day… Can It Be Done?!

Surviving The Tyranny Of Valentine's Day... Can It Be Done?!


Valentine’s Day is complete bullshit, and yet, for some reason, it’s hard not to buy into it. Even the most hardcore babe can sometimes feel a little down on herself on the 14th of February. It doesn’t matter whether you’re single or boo-booed up; if the object of your affection doesn’t show up in your driveway with a marching band to proclaim his or her undying devotion, Valentine’s Day can feel like a letdown.

Join me in trouncing the madness!

Last month’s livestream, Making Magic In 2014, was such a raging success — and was so much fun! — that I’ve decided to do it all over again.

This weekend, I’ll be broadcasting live from Palm Springs (and our temporary Blogcademy HQ), giving you a fistful of ideas to smash the suckiness, as well as delivering a mighty Valentine’s Day smackdown!

No moping, no loneliness, no tears allowed! Let’s make this the best Valentine’s Day EVER, no matter what your relationship status.

Saturday February 8th
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(Hint: it’s FREE!)

I’m going live at 11am in California, 2pm in New York City, 7pm in London, and 8am (on Sunday) in New Zealand. The livestream will be available right here on Saturday, and the livestream will be recorded so you can view it whenever you like!

If you click through to RSVP, you can submit questions in advance, too!

Can’t wait to chat and answer your questions! And maybe I will even do a cannonball into the pool at the end. You’ll only know if you tune in!
Love always,

P.S. If you can’t get enough of the livestream fun, at the very same time on Sunday, Shauna, Kat and I will be doing our Palm Springs Blowout! We’ll be chit-chattin’ about blogging, teasing out some of our plans for 2014, and answering any questions you might have about kicking your blog’s butt. Click here to RSVP and submit questions in advance! See you then!