T-Shirt Mania!

I used to be anti-t-shirts. Yes, it is true. However, I have recently realised that a t-shirt is a good thing to have. Especially comfortable ones with cute prints. I stumbled upon The Giant Peach today, an online retailer with a huge & AWESOME selection of print t-shirts.

Some of these would be excellent on boys too, just search for the same design under “men’s”.

Banana Split


Growing Up In The Hood — eskimo love!

I Am The Walrus — with illustrations of characters from The Big Lebowski!

We Can All Be Free — for Cat Power fans or just people who like to exercise their free will!

“I Fall In Love With You. You Are My Favourite Food.” — from Harajuku Lovers. Cute, though!

Didn’t I Blow Your Mind? — featuring whales!

Glaciers Are Not Forever


The Promise Of Spring — for members of the We Heart Cherry Blossom club.

Happiness Is A New Idea — yes indeed.

Hot Air Balloons — on purple, I love it!

No Limits


Ice Kreme Kastles — I don’t know how to describe this, but I love it.

Create Beauty — arrrrgh, this is so great!

Angelic — great design.

Live Lyrics
Live Lyrics, my favourite shirt from all of these.


Smokin’ Kills — by Hysteric Glamour, with the best photograph ever.

Still Smokin’ — …wear this one the day after.

Cars & Girls — more Hysteric Glamour.