Tarina Tarantino Interview

Tarina Tarantino

I recently had the opportunity to interview the inimitable Tarina Tarantino, jeweller extraordinaire! Here are five quick questions & her delightful answers…

Q: Tell me how living in Los Angeles influences what you do. How different do you think your jewellery would be if you worked from New York?
A: I love both cities & am inspired by both in different ways. Of course, L.A. is my home & I get lots of inspiration from this colourful city. On my way to work I get to see — seriously — some of the most beautiful street graffiti, then there is the gorgeous architecture in downtown LA & of course the sun makes everything sparkle!

Q: What’s your personal fashion direction going to be like for this winter?
A: It’s all about cute winter coats, I have them in every colour! My favourite one right now is an ice-cream yellow vintage London Fog rain coat.

Q: Whose style or aesthetic do you admire? What’s your advice for people who are still trying to develop their own look?
A: Try to find someone who will tell you the truth about what looks good on you when you go shopping. Sometimes we wear things that are not flattering because we are trying to hide our flaws, & we end up looking frumpy. Don’t be afraid to take risks — if you love a certain colour make it your signature. You don’t have to dye your hair pink like me, but when you find a colour that looks good on you there is nothing wrong with putting a lot of that colour into your wardrobe.

Q: With all the pink deliciousness of your work, do you ever get saccharine-overload? Is your home, for example, a paradigm of Zen calm? Or does the pink follow you everywhere?
A: Hahahaha! I love this question as people are always surprised when they visit my house. I think that people expect me to live in a gingerbread house covered in candy or something, but it is actually more mid-century with a cosy twist. My office on the other hand has light pink walls… they help to keep me calm!

Q: What’s the best compliment you have ever received?
A: When I see a stranger walking down the street wearing one of my pieces. The greatest compliment is when someone chooses to buy one of my designs, wears it & loves it. My customers are my celebrities & I have amazing customers!


& also, a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Edith, winner of the Tarina Tarantino three-row neon buddha cuff bracelet!

Thank you so much Tarina! xxx