The Blogcademy, Answering Your Questions From Palm Springs!

The Blogcademy, Answering Your Questions From Palm Springs!

One fine sunny day in Palm Springs, the three Blogcademy headmistresses gathered in front of a laptop to answer questions during a Google Livestream… And what a good time we had!

We were submitted oodles of great questions and we answered as many as we could. The best thing? The session was recorded, so you can click below to watch it now!


In this video we talk about…

How to build an audience
The value of slowing down on posting
How to market to the USA if you’re in the UK
How long it takes to make a living from your blog
The metrics we use to measure engagement
Advice for starting a blog with friends
How to get guest posts on your blog
How often you should be posting
How to choose your niche
Whether we recommend email sign-ups
The way we measure success
Creating video content for your blog
Blogging posses and what it was like for us before we met
Advice for anyone who wants to start vlogging
Our SEO tips
Where to draw the line about what you share online
Balancing work and a blog
Tips for starting a blog from scratch
How to use Pinterest for your blog
Creating content based around your travels
How our individual measures of success have changed over time
The most useful blog convention we ever went to
Whether you should express your true views and how it will affect your audience
Whether there’s any space left in the wedding blog market, and how to differentiate yourself
How to expand your reach beyond your friends if you’re not “social media famous”

…With bonus:

And silly sunglasses!

We hope you enjoyed chatting with us — we had a blast!

Kisses and cat-eye sunnies,

Photo by FX Media.