The Blogcademy: Surprise!


Hey lovers! We were so overwhelmed by selling out our Blogcademy London class in 24 hours: what a wild ride! But we had so many people email us saying they were sad because they missed out, & we saw so many “Oh no!!!!” tweets, that we made an executive decision…

Click below to watch the video! Very high-tech!


Our second Blogcademy London class will be on Wednesday 23rd & Thursday 24th of January. Just like the first, it’ll happen at Curtain Road Studios in Shoreditch.

Click here to save your space, & if the first class was any indication, I would suggest making it SNAPPY!

Don’t forget about our scholarship, either! If you’d love to come along but don’t have the dosh, we’re giving away a free scholarship (you can pick which date is better for you)! The information is at the bottom of this page.

We can’t wait to see your happy faces & wear a whole lot of sparkly headwear together!

Love always,