The Bob

The Bob

Yesterday I had my hair cut into a bob. It’s the first time I’ve had an actual hairstyle in what feels like FOREVER — usually it is either short & birdsnestesque or long & straight! I’m still adapting to it… But having something on my noggin which feels finished is a fab change!

My extensions (my hair is not this naturally thick!) were installed by Bee, & my cut & colour were done by Angela at Whistle.

Talented dames, both. I recommend!

The Bob

Before I change my hair, I always do a bit of research so I can plot it out in my head first. (It also helps me determine whether it will suit me, & how I think it will look on my face.) My browsing around Google Images led me to these pictures, so I took them with me as hair inspiration. It makes everything much easier, & you don’t have to try & describe it using inadequate adjectives! It also greatly decreases the probability of hand flailing & cringing once your hairdresser puts down her scissors…

Nicole Richie & Paris Hilton sure can rock a blonde bob! I think they look so chic with in these pictures! When I saw them, it totally sold me on the idea.

I’m really happy with how mine came out. It feels so different, but good!

When’s the last time you changed your hair?