The Home Shopping Network… On Quaaludes

The Home Shopping Network... On Quaaludes

If Betty Draper lived in an alternate universe, this is how she would shop for clothes.1 Perfectly coiffed & immaculately presented, she’d teeter on the edge of her armchair, eyes fixed on the television set & glazed euphorically. Later, over supper, Don Draper would tell her his office couldn’t get through to her today. She’d look down at her dinner plate & neglect to tell him that she was on the telephone with the home shopping network for five hours.

Vogue Italia have done an incredible job creating this video. IF ONLY the home shopping network was as wonderful! As tongue-in-chic (ho ho! Fashion pun!) as it all is, it’s quite brilliant to be able to see the clothes moving. It’s a transformative experience.

I also think we need to pause for a second & talk about THAT HAT at 1:08! Some other favourites include 1:38 & 1:45. IT’S ALL SO BEAUTIFUL! I haven’t felt so excited about clothing in a long time. You can click through for the editorial itself which was shot by — who else? — Steven Meisel, but I think the video is better. It’s the music that does it for me, truly.

I just love the 1960’s on Quaaludes psychedelic feel of the whole thing. It makes me want to drink a martini & backcomb my hair until my arms go numb…

You know I don’t just post a video by itself very often — only when the subject at hand is very, very special. This qualifies. Drink it in with your eyeballs. Sweet dreams…

[1] Maximum points to Ashe who came up with this!

P.S. If you’re viewing this via email, there’s a video above which probably won’t appear! Click the title of the post to see it all in its full-colour glory!