The Power Of Eyebrows

Yesterday was pretty exciting, as days go! In addition to hot air ballooning in the morning & getting my ears pierced (!!!), I also had my eyebrows professionally shaped.

I haven’t had my eyebrows done by anyone else since the first time I had them tweezed, which was when I was about 15. That’s a long time ago now! I’d been thinking about the power of eyebrows for a while — I am keen on a strong brow & wondered what a professional could do to my face.

I had heard really great things about Afnaan from the Vogue forums, so I emailed her & booked an appointment. Then there were two weeks of torment as I let my eyebrows grow out. The temptation to pluck was overwhelming, but somehow I managed to hold back!

You can only imagine how happy I was to be running across the road to Arch Enemy, Afnaan’s business! I sat in the chair & she started explaining what she was going to do, & how. She made astute observations, like, “One of your eyebrows is a little higher than the other” — which I had never even noticed! Eep! Then we embarked on the eyebrow grooming. She tinted my brows, waxed them & finally tweezed them. I sat in the chair from 1:45 to 3:00 & when she finished, I was THRILLED.

New eyebrows

The shape is actually quite different to how I normally do my brows — I tend to make my arch quite severe, while the way Afnaan has done it means the shape is softer & it has really changed how my face looks.

One of my very first articles, The New Eyebrow, is all about how important eyebrows are to your face. They grow in all sorts of unusual ways, & can completely alter your appearance — for better or for worse! Having them shaped or tended to is definitely worth investigating, I promise you will be astounded at the difference. We all spend so much money on cleanser & moisturiser & makeup, but the number of women (& men especially) who don’t give their eyebrows a second thought is mind-boggling!

This morning I received an email from an iCiNG reader who had seen Afnaan’s details on Gala’s Guide To Melbourne, & also booked an appointment…

“I am totally in love with her and want to have her babies – my eyebrows have never looked this amazing (I have really unruly strawberry blonde brows) now they are slightly darker, and look like MODEL eyebrows. HOT!”

Do you need any further convincing? I didn’t think so. Run, don’t walk, to your nearest eyebrow specialist, & enjoy!