Themed Outfits For Intellectuals

I recently had a girl write to me, saying that she was sick of wearing jeans to university every day, & could I please come up with some potential outfits for her to wear? When she added, “Maybe they could be themed according to what people were studying”, a light-bulb went off in my head & I thought, YES! Yes! I WILL do that for you! It’s too great a concept not to.


For the meticulous chemistry student! Wow them with your knowledge of the periodic table & love of heavy metal(s)!


For the zany photography student! Sparkly shoes that catch the light can be used as an impromptu bounce flash!

Makeup Artist

For the excitable make-up artist in training! T-shirt with snide saying proves your devotion to the art!


For the miniature archaeologist! Perfect for those of you who only ever listen to The Bangles & make terrible jokes!

How does King Tut’s secretary answer his calls?”He can’t talk right now, he’s all wrapped up!”


For the fledgling illustrator! Ahhhh… this outfit makes me want to be an artist.

Do you ever dress on theme for what you’re studying? I’d love to see a nutritionist wearing a t-shirt by Johnny Cupcakes… someone at police training college wearing a clip-on moustache… or a literature major wearing Busted’s Prose Before Hos tee!