Theory: You’ll Get More Positive Attention From Men If You’re Wearing Less Makeup

Recently, I’ve had a few experiences that have had me completely reevaluating my relationship with makeup. Now, you know me: I love me some winged eyeliner and a flawless face. Few things give me as much pleasure. And yet… I am starting to think that this is not the way to attract a man.

I posted about this on my Instagram Stories last night and I have literally NEVER had so many responses. It was wild. So this morning, I sat down to record my thoughts on the subject.

Of course, since I recorded it, I have a whole fleet of new thoughts… But I have other things I need to do today!

Let me know what you think about this, and if you decide to nix the eyeliner for a week, write and tell me how it goes!

Love always,