These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things: August 2015


It’s been a while since I shared a few of my favourite things in a dedicated post. (Like, almost two years. Oops!) This has been such a crazy summer that there is a lot swirling around in my brain. Here are some highlights…

I’m obsessed with artist Oliver Hibert. I discovered him through Instagram, promptly bought one of his prints, and then realised he was doing a tarot deck. Only the Major Arcana is done so far, but it’s insanely great.

Hilariously, on the same day I ordered the cards, Kat ordered them for me too! (Psychic twins for real.) Anyway, I’ve been making a practice of pulling one card each morning and then looking up the meaning. It’s really helping me get familiar with the cards, and the art is so bright and psychedelic that it makes me feel great. Nice to saturate your eyeballs with something surreal in the morning!

If you’re feeling it, buy yours here!


It’s Venus retrograde until September 6th, which means that it’s a fantastic time to look back at the old styles you used to love and see whether you can repurpose them. Instead of going shopping, flick through the back of your closet and see what you can unearth! This is exactly what I’ve been doing, and it has lead to a massive uptick in the wear of my favourite Betsey Johnson pieces.

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been rocking skull rompers, dresses covered in guns, floral sundresses, and a fit and flare dress with a zipper down the front. It’s so much fun to get back into my old favourites, after almost a month of wearing the same thing (a Helmut Lang miniskirt with my Adidas cap and Nike sneaker wedges).

The best part about it has been remixing the pieces and wearing them in a totally different way. I used to wear this skull romper with a 1950’s circle skirt and kitten heels — remember that time Betsey looked up my skirt? Today, I’m wearing the romper with a hot pink skater skirt, sneaker wedges, and a backwards cap. Gotta keep evolving!

You might be feeling the urge to go back and revisit some old sartorial classics, too… And I encourage it!


Outrageous Openness by Tosha Silver is one of my new favourite books. It arrived on Monday morning and I read it in one sitting (with several pauses to copy down a huge number of quotes and passages). The book has a quote from Sera Beak on the back (another one of my all-time favourites), so I should have known it would be incredible.

The response to the passage above (posted on Instagram) was massive, and I think that’s because it’s so simple. We can spend endless time going back and forth about people, but really, all we need to do is ask ourselves how we feel once they’ve walked away. If we feel good, happy, inspired, uplifted, then they should be welcome in our lives. But if we feel exhausted, guilty, drained or miserable, then we need to enforce stronger boundaries.

I loved this quote below too. If any of this resonates with you, you should definitely buy her book. I’m pretty sure it will rock your world like it rocked mine.

“The forces of karma need no manipulation. After all these readings to all kinds of people, I know one thing for sure: If you’re destined to be with someone, nothing can stop it. You won’t need to rope, trick, or drug them into loving you. Those books that leave women terrified of just being themselves are somehow both tragic and hilarious at once.” — Tosha Silver

Dear Drake, I love you. He released this track at the end of July and everyone on (warning: the site is addictive) thinks the song is about his ex, Nebby. Well, we all know Drake has a lot of feelings, so that wouldn’t be a big surprise to me.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter to me who it’s about, all I know is that I love it. I went out dancing on Saturday night and when this came on, I just about lost my MIND… And it would be cruel not to share the love.

Press play below and turn up your speakers!


Summer is the most fun time of year, because no matter where you live, the cities really turn it out. There are exciting activities all over the place, and all you have to do is reach out and grab them! After all, if you’re not taking advantage of the city you live in, you might as well be a hermit. This is my current wallpaper and I’m taking it to heart in a big way.

With this in mind, on Saturday morning, I dragged my tired ass out of bed at 6am to go on a massive slip and slide! Slide The City was alive and kicking in NYC and there was no way I was going to miss it. Whizzing down that slide on an inflatable tube was the BEST way to start my day, and afterwards, walking through the city in my bikini and a saturated kaftan was pretty hilarious too.

Slide The City has dozens of locations around the USA and if it’s going to be anywhere near you, you should definitely make it happen. My only tip? Don’t wear eyeliner. Hahah. I was an instant raccoon!

Here’s to enjoying the rest of the summer…

Eternal love,

Slide The City photo by Jen Epstein.