Things I Did Today: Got My Kit Off In Front Of A Camera For Breast Cancer Awareness!

Estee Lauder Company Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

Oh, it’s a slippery slope, it seems. First you post pictures of yourself in your knickers, & before you know it, you’re topless in front of renowned photographer John Midgley!

Thankfully, there’s method to the madness! About a month ago, I received the following email…

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, The Estée Lauder Companies invite YOU to take a pledge to end Breast Cancer. You’ve been hand-selected, along with a very select group of your peers, to participate in an exclusive photo shoot with a world-class photographer.

Really, how can you say no to that? I excitedly accepted & then realised I would be in Los Angeles at the time. After about three nanoseconds of contemplation, I decided to cut my trip short in order to take part.

I flew home yesterday & the shoot happened this afternoon. Before I knew it, I was standing in front of John in just my skirt, laughing as we danced to Michael Jackson & trying my best not to flash him!

I was really honoured & flattered to be asked to participate. Breast cancer awareness is an incredibly important cause because breast cancer impacts so many families. Two women in my family have had breast cancer — my grandmother (who was one of my favourite people ever) & my aunt both had mastectomies. While they were fortunate enough to come out the other side happy & healthy, many women are not so lucky. The great news is that breast cancer can be so easily prevented with self-exams (which take only a few minutes) & mammograms! The idea is that this campaign will encourage women to take their health in their own hands (literally!) & remind everyone that prevention is the best cure.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month & I will have much more information then. I’m so excited to see the final results of the campaign & do everything I can to get involved!

Questions: Have you ever had a mammogram? Have any of the women in your life dealt with breast cancer? What do you do to show your boobies a little radical self-love?

Oh, in case you were wondering, my gorgeous pink hair bow is by Chubby Bunny! (I need more of them. I wore this one all over L.A. but she does these insane tulle puffs with feathers sticking out them… LUST!)