Things I Love… Saturday?! & Le Carousel!

Things I Love Thursday

Quelle semaine! (What a week!) It feels like I’ve done a million things in the last few days. That’s just another reason why I love spring: life starts to pick up its pace in a major way!

So, you might wonder why I’m lying on top of an Expedit full of shoes… The answer is because I spent yesterday filming a top secret project for Starbucks! Shoes, IKEA, coffee… Somehow, it’s all connected, & I can’t wait to share the final product with you!

Things I Love ThursdayLast Friday, I met with Molly Crabapple, Laurie Penny & Rachel Rabbit White for a girl’s lunch. It was fantastic. Afterwards, Rabbit & I did a little vintage shopping…

Things I Love ThursdayI’m so excited that Angel is in town! I saw her yesterday for a few hours. We drank cacao (“Cacao to cacao!”) smoothies, went into witch shops where they were playing TLC’s Crazysexycool (a great & underrated album), & sat in Tompkins Square Park.

Things I Love ThursdayI’m obsessed with my Love Life print from Antigirl… & these glasses from Mercura! I need them in my life permanently! I also love a good pair of turquoise heels!

Things I Love ThursdayAlice + Olivia are collaborating with Magnum ice-cream, & they had a little soiree to celebrate! It was very fancy, as you can see! (That little shot glass is full of a minty milkshake!)

Things I Love Thursday

Gold cutlery (definitely a must have for all decadent dames) Taking ice-creams to my husband at work Carrying a bottle of pink champagne in my purse Sweet friendly nurses Three-course brunches with Mike, Fumi & Asami My husband, my husband, my husband Morning portraits Crystal cuffs Friends visiting from out-of-town! Snuggling with my polka-dot babe Languid lunches …& vintage dress shopping afterwards Dolly’s incredible patience with me as I put bunny ears on her & set about taking pictures of her Curling my hair (it makes me feel like a totally different person) 5HTP for hormonal sanity! Neon pink dresses Any event ever held at 620 Fifth Avenue Purple Tinted Meeting a teeny-weeny pitbull puppy on our block (& learning that his name is KILLER! His owner said, “He’ll grow into it…”) When Hank & Dolly are really happy & wriggly Sharing a wall with two male models who were dressed like members of Kraftwerk Progress, progress, progress! Midnight snacks Dresses covered in bugs (this print but… yes, a dress!) Shipping notifications (always very exciting) Reading about India & really really really thinking about finally doing it (lifelong dream, for real) …& the trailer for The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, I want to see it SO BADLY! This very weird dream I had where I dealt drugs, but my only product was Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate When Dolly wags her tail when she’s dreaming…

Things I Love Thursday

Carousel time! It’s a little one today…

There’s a lot of chit-chat about Instagram’s billion dollar sale to Facebook. I liked this article about it. If you’re a little concerned, you might want to export all your Instagram photos for safe-keeping!

Knock Out Bullying by Alexis Jones from I AM THAT GIRL:

My call to action is for every kid to stand up for the little guys, for the awkward girls and any other person with a target on their back. I believe we have the potential to be everyday heroes and ordinary people have the ability to become extraordinary, especially when they selflessly stand up for someone.

Danielle LaPorte wrote about getting emotional about money for Forbes.

Two smart women say the same thing when it comes to inspiration for artists: Anna & Molly.

Luxirare teaches us all how to make skull oil lamps. I’ve been meaning to buy a bottle of Crystal Skull vodka for a long, long time — now I have the perfect excuse!

Travel is an experience in perception. I loved this & how it relates to travelling through India.

Shae takes the most beautiful photographs

If your website’s full of assholes, it’s your fault. Totally true!

Kim Gee draws great comics. Between Boyfriends: A Year Of Dating In NYC is brilliant, & I promise you will love it! (Whenever I get her comics in the mail, I absolutely cannot put them down!)

This guide to Clueless fashion on Etsy is adorable.

This makes me want to book several plane tickets…

Have a fantastic weekend!