Things I Love Thursday


Super-size it! 1; 2; 3; 4.

Writing by an open window… with good music blaring (usually Notorious B.I.G., believe it or not), drinking ice-cold water, munching berries with juice-stained fingers, & watching life unfold below me. Honestly, it’s a hard combination to beat. You know what? Being a writer, just that in itself, is pretty amazing. I cannot begin to tell you how much I love, love, LOVE what I do, or how happy it makes me. Getting into a good writing space & producing something worthwhile is like entering bliss on earth.

A social calender laden with delights — Patricia Field’s party last night (see below!), Sex & The City: The Movie avec my NYC nonpareils on Friday (yay!), a polo game on Saturday, & upcoming meetings with illustrators, astrologists, writers, bakers, graphic designers & all-around fabulous people!

Patricia Field & her marvellous parties. Last night was so exciting! I went to M·A·C Cosmetics to have my make-up done, which was $50 extremely well spent. (See below!) Then I came home, got dressed & trotted over to the Patricia Field boutique. Her shop was packed, there were lots of cool fashion-forward people & cameras going off at all times, but it was so cramped that it was almost a bit redundant. So Gilda (my date!) & I decided to go to Patricia Field’s apartment instead & scope out the scene there! Well, Pat’s house is gorgeous — a huge space a couple of doors down from the boutique, full of art, pictures, big lounge spaces & bright colours. Gilda & I found ourselves a great little alcove to sit in & watch the circus. So much fun. (There is footage of me on Last Night’s Party, looking like I just escaped from an asylum, & I am here too…) & at the end of the night, I sidled up to Pat herself, & we had a conversation, flirted (!!!) & took the above picture. She is totally cool, not intimidating at all, & I loved every moment. I left on a high like no other. So good.

Reagan at M·A·C Flatiron — He was absolutely sublime. So much so, in fact, that I just called him to propose marriage tell him how thrilled I was with his work. Eeeee! I was so impressed: he listened to me, adjusted things to my requirements & was generally magnificent. He’s the make-up artist who did Richie Rich’s face for the Heatherette for M·A·C launch, so he is definitely the guy… I can’t recommend him highly enough. Go to him if you need your face done! But I was amazed — $50, when he worked for an hour & a half? God that’s a good deal. I also got free mascara as part of the makeover. Yay! So happy! (You can see a close-up in natural light here!)

New York City — Have I told you lately, that I love you? Have I told you, there’s no one else above you? Fill my heart with gladness! Take away my sadness! Ease my troubles, that’s what you do!

Treats in the mail! It’s so nice to have an address again (!), because it means I have things on the way. For example: a Chi straightening iron (contented sigh), condoms with pictures of me on the front (I will totally write about it, don’t worry), Rhymesayers loot… & this morning I received three hats with major cute-factor. Fun fun!

Sex & The City: The Movie! No explanation needed. I AM SO EXCITED. & if anyone spoils me… there will be trouble!

Giulianna! I received this email yesterday, when I was getting my face done — & it made me smile so wide, I just had to share it with you!

“I was given an assignment. I was told to define myself with a picture. My portrait is titled Make Cupcakes, Not War/ The Icing Army.”

Make Cupcakes, Not War/The Icing Army

Honourable mentions: Ridiculous music (Wham!, Black Sabbath, Paris Hilton, Deftones… often played in quick succession); the fact that Discotech made an AWESOME song out of Bill O’Reilly spitting the dummy — download it now!; big yellow school-buses (before this trip, I had only ever seen them in movies); horse poo (I’ve decided to learn to love it — it stinks, but what can I do? First in Melbourne, now New York, & all for the sake of the romanticism of a horse-drawn carriage. I am resigned to my fate! I accept!); talking to my schmoo (that would be Simon — by the way, did you know that we sometimes refer to ourselves as Simon & Galafunkel?); my relationship with my parents (I talk to them every day); my Helio Ocean (it’s been sprayed with M·A·C Fix+ & made sticky with an über-strong Cosmopolitan [both of which happened yesterday], dropped & sweated onto, but I think it all adds to the “patina” — it’s along on the ride with me!); little things (like cold water, stretching, enjoying the sunlight & really good quality recordings of music); life in general (if you couldn’t tell from this particular TiLT, I am totally enchanted by life right now).

“It’s a sign of mediocrity when you demonstrate gratitude with moderation.” — Roberto Benigni

No mediocrity allowed! I want to hear your BIG LOVE list! Sit there, close your eyes, imagine yourself bursting with energy, vibrancy, excitement & vitality… then start typing! Go go go!