Things I Love Thursday

This TiLT mosaic — The two photos of the girl above are from Deutsch Elle & they make me want to draw on incredibly dramatic eyebrows & flick paint all over myself. So beautiful & inspiring!

Nonpareil enthusiasm — I was talking to Sera Beak, who saw my article on her & all your comments, & she was blown away by your absolute deliciousness! She said that all your enthusiasm & love & excitement has inspired her to keep writing her second book. !!! Anyone who has read her work knows what a fabulous thing this is! & it just gives me more fuel — I love you guys!

The Manhattan iCiNG Bowl — Last Friday I went to a stationery store nearby & stocked up on office supplies! I bought a whiteboard, a cork-board, whiteboard pens, markers in pastel hues, a box of pens, three soft-cover Moleskine journals, index cards (white ruled, white blank, & pink ruled), multi-coloured bulldog clips, scissors, glue… You get the picture. Anyway, now my living room has been transformed into a fabulous little inspiration station. My cork-board is covered in pictures to keep me motivated, my whiteboard has lists of things to do, my pens are all arranged & I am ready to go go go! It’s funny how just having these little things is changing my outlook, but it is, & I love it!

Setting my intention — Last night I went to a new moon ritual (which is the sort of thing I would never usually do) & it was amazing. Since I started reading The Red Book (which I am still working on) I’ve decided to open myself up more & try new things. The idea of a new moon ritual is the sort of thing I would normally scoff at, but secretly want to go to. So I went. It was basically a guided meditation that went for an hour & a half, utilising the power of the new moon to assist in planting new seeds, finding fresh direction & growing upwards. We did breath exercises & chants as we focussed our minds on what our goals were. It was really, really great. (I’m going to write up a little piece about how to set intentions, too, so sit tight!)

Fruit — I’m consciously increasing my intake of fruit because let’s face it, it makes a much better snack than “double-stuf” chocolate creme Oreos! (Tasty though they may be.) I have been a mandarin-segment-gobbling, blueberry-popping, strawberry-chomping fiend, & it’s making me feel so good!

Having faith & trusting in the process. The more I believe the universe has my back, the more it supports me. The more I trust it, the more incredible life becomes. There is no greater gift.

Jay-Z — As well as being a brilliant rapper & businessman, I adore him for being wicked cool. He was recently criticised by Noel Gallagher for headlining the Glastonbury festival. Noel said, “I’m sorry, but Jay-Z? No chance. Glastonbury has a tradition of guitar music. I’m not having hip-hop at Glastonbury. It’s wrong.” Jigga’s response? “It didn’t make me angry because I don’t know him. What people say about you is none of your business.” YES! I love you, Hov!

Having time to myself — I’m an only child, so I really thrive on being alone. It’s good for me. It’s great to just sit around & be alone, to have time to myself to think & sort out my feelings, goals & passions. The other good thing about being alone is that it reminds me just how strong I am. It’s important to be reminded of that, I think.

Honourable mentions: Wearing my hair in two buns (I totally ripped this off Casey from Greek — imagine, taking style tips from a fictional girl in a sorority!); strutting my stuff in high heels; packages which come with little sachets of rose petals (squeal!); watching silly shows (Australia’s Next Top Model + Tila Tequila!); napping (I have really needed it recently); imagining having a big bristly moustache to tickle people with!; shopping with Emrys!; having the Notorious BIG on my Twitter watch list!; doing interviews with fun, odd people; The Wedding Singer & The Addams Family (both of which have brought me infinite amounts of joy this week!); classical music; Chaka Khan (haha!); the fact that Nubby arrives tomorrow (!!!!!); my new hat; natural fabrics (a blessing in this heat), & of course, my air-conditioning unit. Undying love for my air-conditioning unit!

“A table, a chair, a bowl of fruit and a violin; what else does a man need to be happy?” — Albert Einstein

Et toi? What is making you happy this week? Spill thy beans!