Things I Love Thursday: A Love-O-Rama!

Things I Love Thursday

I couldn’t resist posting this Parisian sneak peek from ultra-talented photographer Shell De Mar — who, you may recall, also shot yesterday’s Blogcademy pictures!

Paris was so wonderful, indulgent & luxurious: everything you’d hope for in a European adventure! I’ve been thinking about it — & the best quiche I’ve ever eaten in my life! — every day since we left.

But do you want to know a secret? As much as I love Paris, there’s no place I’d rather be than NYC. Sure, it’s cold, & sure, it’s snowing, but it’s still wonderful.

I went on a hot chocolate adventure earlier this week, & standing on Fifth Avenue, was struck by the intense beauty of the city. NYC is such a magical place, & I love it as much today as I did when I first visited 7 years ago. It makes my heart go pitter-patter every day.

Things I Love Thursday

As you may have guessed from the photo above, last night I went to the Juicy Couture event & had way too much fun playing in The Bosco Booth with Nicolette & Jordan, catching up with long-lost Kiwi Isaac & petting Keiko’s super-soft faux-fur coat!

Juicy Couture were celebrating the release of their Bad Reputation film (which is so cute!), as well as offering a preview of their new collection. There were some rad pieces, including irridescent jeans (!!!), fabulous flippy pink dresses & a leopard-print tracksuit which you can see in the video, & which I have already decided would be my everyday uniform if I lived in Los Angeles!

I was doing my best French girl impression in a Nasty Gal hat, a striped top from H&M (purchased in Las Vegas last February) & a blue leather metallic pleated skirt from TopShop. (I bought it a while ago, so it’s not available anymore, but this skirt is similar!) I was also rocking MAKE UP FOR EVER Rouge Artist Intense lipstick in 33. New favourite!

Things I Love Thursday

Spending lots of time with my man! The best! Guacamole with jicama (unbelievably good!) Going back to the gym & feeling my body hum with happiness! Watching The Phantom Of The Opera on Netflix — as a child of the 80s, I was raised on this & Les Miserables, so I absolutely loooove it! Accidentally attending an advanced vinyasa flow class — & loving it! Making plans for future Blogcademy events! Booking flights to Portland & Los Angeles… West Coast, here we come! Backing this MAD magazine documentary — my dad & I used to buy stacks of old MAD magazines from the 60s & 70s! Running to Sisters Of Mercy. Can #gothfitness be a thing? Liquid Christmas (aka hot chocolate) George Michael hashtags (#starpeople) (#toofunky) Best movie of all time… Are you following me on Vine yet?! Beyonce: yesterday, today, tomorrow Making new workout mixtapes A stack of Instax photos from Europe on my desk …& this quote, which is my new favourite:

“This morning, with her, having coffee.” (Johnny Cash, when asked for his definition of paradise.)

Did you write your gratitude list yet?! It’s the ultimate mood boost… & it’s free!

Je t’adore,