Things I Love Thursday AND Carousel Double-Banger!

Today we’re putting Things I Love Thursday — now Friday, but TiLF just doesn’t have the same ring-a-ding-ding to it! — & Carousel into one big post. Yesterday was amazing, amazing, amazing, & as such, I didn’t have access to a computer. Sometimes, you just have to get outside, connect with people in person, write notes with a pen, & spend some time away from Internet Land. I tell people this all the time but don’t often do it myself, so let’s just say it was wonderful to take my own advice!

WOO girl! I am in that weird loopy half-space somewhere between lucidity & Nyquil, so if today’s update is a little slanted… You’ll know why.

I started to get a sore throat on Wednesday, then spent a day in the air conditioning at the Helen Mills Theater, & last night was pushed over the edge into full-blown spring ‘flu. Fun! I’ve been telling everyone how much I need to make space to just be, & not doing it. Well, now my body is forcing me to do it! Thanks, body!

I started writing this at 1am, kinda high on Nyquil, but mostly floating on a huge love-cloud from the insane, epic, gargantuan, beatific experiences at Selling Your Soul. It was seriously amazing. I felt so blessed to be invited to participate, & I sat in the back row (like a bad girl would), making pages upon pages of notes in my Filofax. Danielle LaPorte & Marie Forleo are geniuses: whip-smart, in tune, grounded & ambitious. There is nothing frothy or frou-frou about them, they are The Real Deal. If you ever have the opportunity to see them… Well, you know what you have to do. The room was bubbling ecstatically all day like a bottle of champagne.

At afterparty, we drank super-strong margaritas & gorged ourselves on sweet potato fries & insane spinach & artichoke dip. I adored seeing Kris Carr, crazy sexy superhero, & I fell a little bit in love with Bindu Wiles, but that is a story for another time!

My Miami obsession is reaching fever pitch… It’s months away but I’m going coo-coo thinking about it! Hotels, vintage clothing stores, diners & THE BEACH! I have a text file on my MacBook which I’m filling up with ideas & addresses. We already booked our hotels… yes, hotels plural! If there’s anywhere in Miami that I MUST go, please let me know about it on Twitter or Facebook!

Things I Love Thursday

80s singalongs Holding hands Mike making me snacks while I get dressed Walking Hank & Dolly by the river Walking around Soho in the sunshine Art supply stores Getting my first roll of Diana film processed (see ‘em here!) Thor (pretty starscapes!) Trying on bunny hats Hot dogs with everything from Grey’s Papaya Midget race cars Planning Southern roadtrips Magical Tuesdays Coconut Bliss Chocolate Snap smoothies Tulips & blossoms Learning magic from Veronica’s grandma Black bloomers with white stars! Mammoth amounts of notes in my Filofax & a huge “to do” list Glitterbomb fingernails Custom-blended perfume reapplied multiple times a day Events (cough, cough, Selling Your Soul) where they give out free chocolate all day (mad props, Alter Eco!) Incredible vintage furniture & prop stores Petticoats, ankle socks & high heels Mixing fake tan with Lush’s vanilla body lotion Sleeping… !

Family portrait?!Source unknown!

I love this crocheted apartment… If you’re in NYC, you should go see it!

90’s Hip Hop Icons & The Fall 2011 Looks They Could Be Wearing… Made me laugh.

Fun things to do this weekend: Learn how to make floral headpieces! Thanks for the DIY, Free People!

Christine Ockrent interviews Karl Lagerfeld. I never get sick of K.L.

Feel Like A Failure? Here’s Why That’s A Good Thing… “Feeling like a failure often means you’re moments away from your biggest success.”

I’m speaking at the NYC Women’s Empowerment Summit in July, & apparently tickets are almost gone! Uh-oh! If you want to come along, hop to it!

Be smart about booking your travel this summer! Waiting to Book Summer Travel May Pay Off, or so they say!

Aries Want A Wife But Is He Really An Aries? Hahahah.

“I’m sorry but the photographer/stylist clearly had NO idea of how Aries men should be imaged: Think cheesy grin, biceps pumped, doing pull-ups, fixing something like a Harrier Jump Jet and/or playfully mussing the fur of a large Yeti. You get the idea.”

Wow. A Porn Star Book Is Selling With A Bespoke Twist.

Um, PummelVision makes music videos out of your photos! That is incredible!

Optimism Attracts! Oh yes it do!

Aw. Dog rescued from Michael Vick kennel gets “key to the city”.

Make Something Cool Every Day: a gallery of clever things.


My promo for Sunday. It will screen on May 22nd in N.Z.!

Okay my loves… My everything hurts. I’m going to take this sassy caboose back to bed! Have an incredible weekend!