Things I Love Thursday: As 2010 Draws To A Close…

Chris CraymerPhoto by Chris Craymer.

I apologise for the lateness of this post–I’ve been in bed, in the grips of a Theraflu coma, all day! The focus has been on sleep, eating plenty of spicy food (!) & staying hydrated, in an effort to be shipshape & Bristol fashion for tomorrow night’s revelry! I have to say, that Theraflu stuff tastes vile but it sure does the trick…

Isn’t it so crazy how quickly the end of the year is upon us? I swear that as you get older, the years become shorter. This has been an incredible year for me, & here are some of the little things that have lit up my heart over the past couple of weeks.

Things I Love Thursday

Peppermint bark Also, candy canes Snowflakes on my coat Chocolate chip pancakes (made by my boyfriend!) for breakfast! An amazing pin–with a “mounted” soft-toy bunny head–bought at the Bust Crafttacular! Planning for 2011 Moulin Rouge! …& wanting to dress as la fée verte (comme ça)… BADLY! Good meetings with salted caramel hot chocolates Going back & watching season one of America’s Next Top Model! (So much brown lipliner, oh my!) Lavender-flavoured drinks Getting my hair done Polka-dot envelopes A surprise copy of Kate Spade’s Things We Love in the mail French toast with Nutella & apples MIKE Researching flights & hotels (the very best thing being when they are WAY less expensive than you were expecting!) Setting goals for other people (& having them set goals for me, too) Pink & purple cheetah sequin underwear! (I am not kidding!) Going back to my gym to renew my membership & my trainer was so happy to see me he gave me a hug which lifted me off the ground! Advice to Deliberate Creators Buying new Filofax inserts for 2011 (nerd alert!) & re-structuring my Filofax (uber-nerd alert!) New workout gear (The Gap have these great bootcut stretchy pants, super-good) Slaapliedgje Mike bringing me home boxes of chocolates!!! Bright pink lingerie My first workout in three months (BAD GIRL!) which felt SO AMAZING! Everclear – Santa Monica Ferrero Rocher for breakfast Doc Marten boots arriving on Christmas Eve (& leaving them in their boxes until Christmas Day!) Godiva hot chocolate mix Sitting on Santa’s lap with Chloe Getting photobooth strips with Chloe! Chloe IN GENERAL! People dressed up as Mickey & Minnie Mouse who try to strongarm you for a $2 tip! Big boxes of Godiva chocolates INSANELY good Christmas dinners (thank you Mike, I love you!) Watching Dolly experience her first snow! Booking flights to Paris for Nubby & I!!! Talking to my parents on Skype on Christmas Eve Cleaning out my desk (five drawers worth of rubbish, BEGONE!) Buying myself belated Christmas presents “Do you eat fortune cookies?” “YES, & the fortunes are… important to me!” Eating sugar & lemon crêpes with Zoe Foster of PRIMPED fame (she is totally magnifique in person) Setting myself fresh new challenges for two-thousand-&-heaven Drinking a litre of coconut water The upcoming Year of the Rabbit! (Yes, you better believe I will be dressing up on Chinese New Year!) Tearing down my vision boards & starting all over again! Baggage! God this show is the worst but I am obsessed! “It’s not a bag, it’s a satchel. Indiana Jones wears one.” Betsey Johnson’s 40% off sale (oh lord) Going to the gym & pushing on through Cute emails from Jess Snuggling with the dogs!

Chris CraymerPhoto by Chris Craymer.

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