Things I Love Thursday: Austin And A Quick New York Pitstop…

Things I Love Thursday

Phew! I’m sitting in my office, staring out at a thunderstorm. I just unpacked my suitcase… And am starting to fill it up again!

I came back from Austin on Tuesday and, as always, had a great time. In addition to teaching The Blogcademy to 30 enthusiastic babes, there was also green juice excursions, my very first Hobby Lobby experience (extreme!), and a trip to a vegan ice-cream parlour being usurped by John Mueller giving me an entire brisket to take home in my suitcase! (Let’s just say, I am wife of the year.)

Here are five things I noticed during my time in Austin…

1. Everyone in this city is obsessed with food, and everyone has their favourite restaurant that you simply must visit.
2. There are no plastic bags allowed! If you don’t bring your own with you, you’ll have to pay extra for a paper bag. Amazing!
3. After a week, you will start to surprise yourself by saying things like “Howdy”.
5. Just say no to queso!

Haha. But I had a fantastic time, and I’m already getting ready to hit the road again. I fly to Europe on Monday!

Things I Love Thursday

While I was sitting at JFK waiting for Kat to arrive and drinking some tea, I was suddenly overwhelmed with excitement as I thought about meeting 30 brand spankin’ new blogcadettes to put through the Blogcademy wringer! I feel so blessed to be teaching regularly… After six years of relative isolation, sitting in my office tap-tapping away at my keyboard, being thrust into a teeming social environment full of like-minded and excitable babes is so salubrious!

It’s vital to give thanks for the blessings in your life: that’s what this column is about, after all. I think people assume I am exaggerating when I say that gratitude can literally transform your existence… But I’m not. It is the fastest way I know to nip stinkin’ thinkin’ (shoutout to Kris Carr for that choice phrase!) in the bud. It is always worth a try, at the very least.

Things I Love Thursday

J’adore… Australia’s Next Top Model… I think my top 3 are Dajana, Ashley and Melissa. So good! Turkey burgers Glitter gradation manicures #sweatdroplets Spilling juice on planes Tarot card readings mid-flight I came, I saw, I taco’d Waking up at 5am Really amazing juice from Juicebox & Soup Peddler Air conditioning Neon orange short-shorts Reunited, and it feels so good Visiting the Hobby Lobby and being completely overwhelmed (donut Christmas ornaments for the win!) Finding perfect presents for Mike Putting a brisket and an ice-pack into a cake carrier in my suitcase! Psychic energy tune-ups after class So much Mexican food Passing out in my own bed Coming up with terrible hashtags that will never see the light of the internet Kate Spade outlet stores! Going on an iTunes spree and finding so much great new music Pink sequinned kaftans (just you wait) …And the overwhelming anticipation of going to the Greek Islands! This time next week, I’ll be all up in it… Divine.

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