Things I Love Thursday: Autumn Is Coming…

Things I Love ThursdayImage by Jo Cheung.

Leaves, starting to turn Cups of peppermint tea Taking my bicycle out for impromptu mid-afternoon rides Reflexology Sparkly pink Converse Peppercotton amazingness (click the image to see it close-up… WOW!) Happy morning routines Getting my teeth cleaned (first dentist’s appointment in… YEARS!) Earl Grey & 90s R&B Cleaning out my wardrobe & donating bags to the church next door Going for not-so-lazy Sunday car rides Researching dog halloween costumes (SO MUCH FUN) Dolly’s epic cuteness Being swarmed by the puppies when I’m trying to work! Laundromat dates Sleeeeeeep sleep, glorious sleep~!

I’ve been a little under the weather since I got back from my epic travels, so when I haven’t been working on Radical Self Love Bootcamp (woo woo! Launches next Saturday!), mostly my downtime has involved watching copious amounts of television & movies.

Some stuff I’ve loved, recently: 2 Broke Girls is really funny, if a little unrealistic. (Aren’t the best things always a little unrealistic?! Though I gotta say, dear Hollywood, subways in NYC haven’t looked like that since the ’80s!) The Playboy Club… A slow starter, but the main girl has the BEST hair! Australia’s Next Top Model is always a pleasure. My picks for top 3: Izzy, Montana, & either Amelia or Rachel… What do you think? Friends With Benefits was hilarious, & I loved the script. It felt very fresh. Plus, I love Mila & Justin! The New Girl was pretty cute, too. Also… I’m so excited about Bored To Death returning to television! YAY! & doesn’t Pan Am start soon? Psyched! (Man! That is a lot of television!)

Hopefully you’re happy & healthy, but if you need some new stuff for your eyeballs, I recommend all of the above!