Things I Love Thursday: Baby, It’s Cold Outside Edition

Things I Love ThursdayValerie by James White (not safe for work!)

Brrrrr… !

I’m writing to you from New York City, where we are all chilled to the bone. It’s 24°F, otherwise known as -4°C. UNGH! I know that’s not too cold to those of you from, say, Russia or like, Minnesota, but to me, it is FUH-REEZIN’!

The good news is that there are plenty of positive, wonderful things about the cold weather. The holidays are just around the corner, & New York City is lit up like an enormous firefly. It’s gorgeous. The shop windows look incredible, too. Did you know that in France, window-shopping is called “léche-vitrines”, literally, “window-licking”?! Everyone is bundled up in hats & coats, & even though I grew up with summer Christmases, this, to me, feels like the real thing. (I blame movies!)

Winter is the best time to eat soup (another one of my favourite things!), it makes it seem somewhat acceptable to wear leather pants every day (comme moi), & it means that if you just want to stay in & cuddle with your dogs, you’re not an antisocial freak–suddenly you’re a logical person!

The cold presents us all with the perfect opportunity to get a little closer than usual to whoever we’ve had a flirtatious eye on, too…

Here are some more things I’m loving this week!

Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love Thursday

Polka dot carpet & fabulous wallpaper The Current’s Redefinition Radio program! Cute conversations with my boyfriend (heart-melty, aw!) My mother, who calls me out of the blue (“I heard it was cold there, so I wanted to call & see if you’re okay!”) Friends who make time for you even when they’re insanely busy A selection of lovely shower products Buying Hank a red hoodie with devil horns on it! Dinner at Edi & The Wolf–amazing Austrian comfort food & cozy little booths Waking up at 5am Kim Gee Comics! (She sent me one the other day, & when I picked it up to flick through, I was immediately captivated, & read it cover to cover! She’s great!) Lait De Coco from The Juice Press for breakfast (2 whole organic coconuts, blended! Meat + water, YUM! There is no better way to start the day!) A Facebook message from my old school-friend Madeleine about a mixtape I once made her (GEORGE MICHAEL, yes!!!)–I laughed so hard Kanye West Watching Jay-Z’s Charlie Rose interview Having juices delivered to the door–pretty decadent & fantastic Feeling like my face & fingers had been BURNED by the cold this morning & just deciding not to leave the house again today! Decadent breakfasts in bed (Or just the idea of them) Stockings & heels & toast & tea, perfect, no? Happy Mess Kate Spade’s Things We Love book–gorgeous! A History Of Violence Trying new restaurants Paris plotting (& yes, it will continue until February!) Watching old episodes of Australia’s Next Top Model while I eat lunch Wearing a beanie pretty much every day Obsessing over music from the 90s Jimmyjane sending me an Afterglow Sampler (lucky girl!!! & perhaps, lucky boyfriend!!!) Hats hats hats Waking up with Hank’s head RIGHT next to my face, ahh too cute! Hank & Dolly in their sweaters when we walk them… There are no words. I should take pictures! Stretching, juice, taking care of myself, & doing that winter THANG!

What are you in love with this week? Write up your own list & submit it below!

P.S. I hope you Antipodeans are making the most of the sunshine!