Things I Love Thursday: Back To Life, Back To Reality…

Things I Love Thursday

It feels beyond surreal to be back in the United Kingdom after a sublime week in the Greek Islands. I have been banging on about how I wanted to visit them for years, and now that I’ve finally been, I know I’m going to be recommending the Cyclades to everyone I meet.

Shauna, Kat and I keep looking at each other and asking, “How can we possibly top this?” But you know us: we love a challenge. I’m sure that whatever we come up with in 2014 will be bigger and better!

Things I Love Thursday

Mykonos was a definite change of pace from Santorini. Most people go to Mykonos to party and dance on beaches. Not us. We ventured into Mykonos town, and wandered along the beach, but mostly we spent the time relaxing intently. We stayed at the Hotel Grace, and they spoiled us rotten. We drank champagne in the swimming pool at 3am, lounged under umbrellas, luxuriated with olive oil massages, and slept for 12 hours at a stretch. We definitely needed the rest. It has been a big year — and it’s not over yet!

Today we kick off the first of our London Blogcademy classes, and we teach all the way through to Sunday night. Shauna and I return to the USA on Tuesday, just in time for both of our birthdays. Virgo power!

Things I Love Thursday

J’adore… Caprice (best snack of all time!) Blue doors Friendly neighbourhood dogs Mastika Generous bartenders Colonel Mustard Handsome innkeepers Christina, best hostess in Mykonos Poolside lounging Inappropriate dancing at all times Matching swimsuits Watching stupid home videos over and over and over again Club Tropicana drinks are freeeeeeeeeeeee Boat-rides from hell Mr Pelekanos Vasillus, the strongest porter in Santorini Bougainvillea Ping-pong players in neon Speedos The PhotoWonder app (very funny and very evil) Cute puppies Mermen Olive oil massages Sleeping for 12 hours at a time Coconut body lotion Sea bass for dinner Hotel Grace Mykonos “When shipwrecked John Galliano invites you to sit at the bar, you sit at the bar!” “Should we sit by the pool and drink free champagne, or go upstairs and browse ASOS?” Boomshakalaka Shauna: “I hate when photographers post crooked pictures, they have no attention to detail.” Kat: “Or a wooden leg.” “Alcohol and swimming, that sounds like a good idea.” Annoying the entire world with our greecetopia hashtag Discussing cannibals at length Sleeping three to a bed

Things I Love Thursday

Your gratitude prompt: What aspect of your personality are you most proud of? Is it your resilience, optimism, or daydreaming ability? Is it your chameleonesque nature, the way you make other people feel at ease, or your peace-making skills? Jot it down in your Radical Self Love Bible!

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