Things I Love Thursday: Björk!

Things I Love Thursday

I saw Björk play on Tuesday night… It was incredible. At the start of this year, I was thinking about bucket lists. I actually couldn’t come up with a lot of things to put on it — maybe because I see everything as a possibility NOW rather than something you do at the last moment? — but one thing I did decide was that I wanted to see Björk perform live. When tickets for her show in NYC went on sale a couple of weeks later, it seemed like a sign that it needed to happen!

Let me tell you, she didn’t disappoint. She came out on stage in a blue dress which looked like it had huge, metallic donuts on it, & honestly… I cried. Tears trickled down my cheeks. I sniffled & hoped that Kristin, standing next to me, didn’t notice!

She was amazing, & what’s even more amazing is that she was accompanied by a TESLA COIL! Needless to say, if you have the opportunity, go & see her. It was sublime.

Things I Love Thursday

I’m speaking about Radical Self Love at TEDxCMU on Sunday, & I’m so excited! I’m also very flattered to have been invited — speaking at a TED event is definitely a life highlight for me! Brunches with my love at Freemans & leisurely walks around the city Obsessing over David Copperfield & his sordid past Getting so much work done on the plane! Making weird new friends Discovering a store in the LES which sells treats from New Zealand, Australia & the U.K.! Yes, I totally stocked up on Violet Crumbles, barbecue Shapes, Ribena & Turkish Delight! When my husband makes me shirts! Watching The Bachelor — kinda obsessed! — & having Ben reply to my tweet! Kettle-flavoured Popcorners because honestly, it is just like eating a big bag of sugar-frosted cornflakes… Super-good, & also, super-bad! Eagerly anticipating the rest of our photos from Las Vegas… The fact that Kat brought a packet of Blu-Tack all the way from England to Las Vegas, just for me! It warms the cockles of the heart, it does! I also like it when Kat imitates her mother’s Irish accent. So cute! Cleaning my office — there is a direct correlation between the amount of anxiety I feel & the amount of mess in my house! Finding new people to be inspired by Constantly re-envisioning my ideal living room… It’s going to be my project for the year, & I keep changing my mind! Rocking out my new style direction in Las Vegas Listening to golden oldies & Birthday Cake Shakes at Holsteins… !

Birthday cake shake!

Hoping your heart is as full of love as mine is right now,