Things I Love Thursday: Blossoms On A Grey Day

Things I Love Thursday

One of the funniest things this week was getting back the film from the disposable camera we used in Los Angeles. We bought this camera which has heart, rainbow and star designs on every picture, then got a bit snap-happy. The results are so funny and silly! It reminded me of the 90’s, when disposable cameras were all my friends and I ever seemed to have…

Since I got back from L.A., I’ll be honest: it has been hard to get into my work. I keep thinking about California, how much fun we had, and how much I miss my BFFs. The post-Blogcademy blues are real! But I’ve also been struck by the truly great friendships I’ve been blessed enough to attract into my life. Even though it thoroughly sucks to be separated from my babes Shauna and Kat, I feel so fortunate to have met these girls who really get me. When I was a teenager, I felt like I would never meet anyone who really understood me… If you feel this way too, don’t worry — they’re out there!

When it comes to friendship, some people value quantity over quality. I’m not into that. I know and speak to a lot of people, sure, and I value those relationships, but if we’re able to move past the small-talk phase and really become friends, it lasts forever. That is so much more valuable to me than knowing 1000 people in every area code. I love that when I see my friends, we pick up right where we left off. Deep, reflective friendships infused with magic and positivity: that’s what I cherish.

I used to go out every night, but the older I get, the less I want to do that. For a few years, I’ve regarded this change as a kind of flaw — like I “should” be going out all the time, flitting around, being super-social. But that’s not who I am anymore, and I would rather see a couple of people a week — and have a truly meaningful interaction with them — than have the same conversation a million times a night. Of course, I love to go out and meet new people, but it feels like less of a “need” these days. I’m working on accepting that, and learning that that’s okay.

Have you noticed any changes like that as you get older (and supposedly wiser)?!

Things I Love ThursdayRent Patina, all ready for a rollerskating party!

On Tuesday afternoon, Mike and I hopped on the motorcycle and rode over to Brooklyn to check out Rent Patina, aka The Blogcademy’s June digs! We pulled up to a nondescript building and my jaw literally dropped when we walked inside. What an exceptional space, and the Patina babes are the best! We’re also going to have the incredible June Cochran there to document the adventure! I can’t wait for our next class… Wanna join us?!

There’s a lot going on around here… This weekend marks the start of a grand spring clean! I’m feeling a little daunted by the challenge but it’s gotta be done… And I know I’ll feel a billion times happier once it’s finished!

Ich liebe: Lazy Sundays Mike’s green juice (especially with an extra apple added!) So Delicious chocolate and peanut butter-flavoured coconut (aka non-dairy!) ice-cream Watching cheerleading contests on ESPN2 (fascinating and impressive!) Working from bed (and calling the dogs in to join me) Coconut water Neon pink shirts (my new favourite thing to wear!) Random acts of kindness Unpacking my suitcase and finding purple crystal skulls, neon skirts, cards from Blogcademy graduates and weird trinkets Our upstairs neighbour telling us that he got rid of his TV, and he had reinstalled the disco ball in his living room (!!! I love to imagine him up there, dancing to Donna Summer in his y-fronts) Using Sesame to send out little gifts (best! app! ever!) Really thick black eyeliner (I’m having an eyeliner moment) Ready For Love — my new favourite tv show! Wait, I love The Ricky Gervais Show, too Laughing all the time Catbird’s Tarot Deck candle Spraying Lush’s Rose Jam perfume (instant mood lifter!) Walking around the city on a gorgeous day!

Looking forward to blue skies,