Things I Love Thursday: Carnations!

Things I Love Thursday:

I’m really getting into the spring mood, and even though it hasn’t been super-warm, the peeks of sunshine and the chirping of birds is letting me know it’s just around the corner! By the time I get back from Los Angeles, I know spring will be in full swing…

Last night I presented an award at The Fashion 2.0 Awards, and it was pretty fabulous! We had a very fun, silly time. I took Rabbit as my date and wore a violently violet dress by Carlos Miele, courtesy of Rent The Runway. (If you use that link, you’ll get a $20 discount on any dress rental! Do it!) Joey Camasta (who is an absolute genius) did my make-up, and Maria at Fox and Jane did my hair. Babes, one and all!

Things I Love Thursday: Carnations!Head to toe at Fashion 2.0; mirror portraits in the East Village; a solo carnation; another picture of us at Fashion 2.0; pulling The Magician card from The Wild Unknown tarot.

J’adore! I’m so excited we’re back to Daylight Savings! Being 5’11” in my dress and heels last night! It’s less than two weeks until I fly out to Portland! Ah!!! Carnations on my desk (“I hear they’re making a comeback…”) Stacks of new books to read — YAY Buying teeny turquoise bottles of bubbles for our Blogcademy babes Sugar body scrubs and cocoa butter and self-tanner All almond everything I’m unreasonably excited about Sofia Coppola’s new movie, The Bling Ring Smoothie alchemy Wearing my Madewell Skinny Skinny Ankle jeans pretty much every day… Setting new goals with the New Moon (best time to do it!) Burt’s Bees tinted lip balm in Hibiscus (I keep one in my handbag at all times) Talking about runes in the ladies room Walking out of bad movies — life’s too short! (But I am shocked that Oz was so awful) Treasures and trinkets in the mail Loving my true self…

“Dare to love yourself / as if you were a rainbow / with gold at both ends.”


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