Things I Love Thursday & Carousel Double-Banger!

Things I Love ThursdayImage from Lucky magazine.

What a week! It has truly been non-stop. You should see my Filofax; it’s madness!

Our wedding plans are really starting to come together, which is so unreal. There have been a few changes along the way (as is probably to be expected!), but yesterday I had an idea we both LOVED, & now we think the wedding will be more representative of us as a couple. It’s so exciting! AHHHH! I wish I could share more with you, but I think it’s more fun as a surprise, don’t you?!

I’m gearing up for nuttiness. My mother gets here next weekend, & my father arrives a few days later (fresh from riding the Tour de France route… Incredible!). We get married that week, & then, on Monday, I’m going to Miami with Jess for five days! I’ve been scrambling to create content for you guys while I’m busy entertaining my parents/getting married/going away, so basically the inside of my brain looks like this right now: “!!!!&*^%#^*^(^($#@!!!” You can understand, I’m sure. But still, we soldier on, don’t we?! YES! WE DO!

Things I Love Thursday

My new glasses! (Details to come!) Finding the perfect lipstick (Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense #33) The fact that someone actually invented bubble guns! Super-exhausting workouts Having my fortune told in the West Village! Twirling in the street with Chloe Corsets! Desperately looking forward to seeing Jess (& having her hand over a big box of cupcakes… Have I mentioned she makes the BEST cupcakes in the whole wide world?! I’m not even biased. I am speaking from an entirely objective point of view!) Our car (makes everyone smile, & especially us!) Really friendly, helpful make-up artists at Sephora “I don’t have my glasses on. I see big hair & pink, it must be Gala!” Mike for helping me when I’m having a technological freak-out (he is the best, totally worth marrying! Haha!) Drooling over Mad Men for Banana Republic Raw ice-cream (mmmmmmmmmm) Sunshine!!! Neon pink pens on purple paper!

CarouselRosie Huntington-Whiteley for Agent Provocateur.

Le Carousel…

I had to read this out loud to Mike because it’s so funny… Roles I Imagine I Am Auditioning For When I Shop At Whole Foods.

Jen Dzuira says you can start a business by Tuesday… & she is absolutely right!

Seth Godin (love!) talks about how working in offices is so over. Now, if only the rest of the world would catch up to him!

Chris Brogan wrote about Google+ — some interesting observations! Are you on Google+ yet? I am! Add me!

Here are some weight loss & training workout tips from some of the best trainers in NYC!

So cute… A Betsey Johnson music video!

I don’t remember how I found this, but it’s a video about Madonna & all her “inspirations”…

I love this piece about David Barton Astor Place from an interior design magazine. Best gym ever!

Here’s an article on how Google+ ends social networking fatigue. It COULD replace Twitter & Facebook… I love Twitter but I wouldn’t mind giving up Facebook for good!

Looking to the dietary gods: Eating well according to the ancients is a guest post on Tim Ferriss’ blog, featuring wisdom from Epicurus, Seneca, Epictetus, & a bunch of other smarties!

David Attenborough had a skull in his garden?!

Ever arrive at a hotel, only to find that the reality doesn’t quite live up to the photos? This website is here to expose the truth! Some of these comparison pictures are so funny!

Stylelist put together a piece on Courtney Love’s style evolution

I LOVE these threatening letters from a kid to the Mayor!

Wow. This is a Craigslist ad I would not answer. “It’s no big deal.” SURE!

Sarah Wilson writes about what lucky people get right, & invites you to come & learn how to meditate!

I did an interview about food & what I eat over at Eat Well NZ!

Here’s a piece about Jamie Oliver & all the good he’s doing. I love that guy! It kills me when people don’t support him, either because of ignorance or because of stubborn pigheadedness. Sigh!

If you want to migrate from Facebook to Google+, now you know how to do it!

WHOAH. WHOAH. The new fall shoes from ASOS are toooooooooooooo good!

This infographic comparing dog & cat owners is pretty interesting!

Flavorwire gives us some vintage pin-up alternatives to American Apparel ads.

Just work hard: It’s not hard work is a piece about the value of actually working for what you want, & not just expecting it to fall into your lap… Something a lot of people from our generation have yet to learn, I think!

I was interviewed over at BlogSmitten about… what else? My blog!

Also, if you’ve ever been interested in what Love & Sequins is like, there’s an excerpt of Love & Sequins #5 on the Huffington Post today!