Things I Love Thursday: Cherry Blossoms & The Greek Islands!

Things I Love ThursdayPhoto by Georges Antoni.

Bonjour mes petites!

It’s that time again! Time to celebrate the best bits of our lives; time to dig deep & get juicy & recognise how very blessed we are. In the greater scheme of things, when so many people have so little, it seems obnoxious for us to complain! So here are a few things I am thankful for/loving/obsessing over this week!

Obsessing over the Greek Islands! Well, I only just got back from Paris & Iceland but already I am daydreaming about my next jaunt overseas! I think my next major trip will be to the Greek Islands. I’ve never been but I am obsessed, & I have this sneaking suspicion that it is my spiritual homeland… My ultimate dream? To rent a villa for a couple of months & write a book…

Happy birthday to Mike for yesterday! It was my man’s birthday yesterday & a fun time was had! Even better, the house was flooded with cake (pro tip: also makes good breakfast). I tried to draw a portrait of our family for him, to go with the card, but it was truly a horrifying mess… At his urging, I dug it out of the rubbish bin & we laughed for ten minutes solid! Hahaha!!! Anyway — I love you Mike, happy birthday, you are my best friend.

Things I Love Thursday

“Spaghetti showdown? What a bunch of noodleheads!” Laughing non-stop Dolly, Hank, Dolly, Hank My Minx manicure! Fake tan (yes, yes, yes!) The very best postcard I’ve ever received Ankle socks & high heels “BLESS YOURSELF” on a billboard on the BQE Apple, cucumber, celery, mint, lime & spinach juice Raw almond butter cup ice-cream Sunshine Morning wriggling Dinner parties with Fumi & Asami Cupcake Wars Making magical potions Daytime naps CHERRY BLOSSOMS! Yellow daffodils/jonquils/narcissus in Tompkins Square Park (even despite the SNOW we had yesterday!) Planning to jump out of a cake for Mike’s 40th birthday Talking to Shae on the phone for over an hour, I miss her so much! Talking about favourite punctuation on Twitter (it was fantastic, if you weren’t reading you missed out!) INTERROBANG Get outta my dreams… get into my car! Taco night Chocolate granola with coconut milk My satchel collection Pantera in the morning Roy Orbison, too! Cute emails from my girlfriends Making amazing salads As Bei would say, “Sex, love, desire & fierce weave!” …& plenty of exciting stuff I can’t tell you about yet!

Things I Love Thursday

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