Things I Love Thursday: Disco Balls And Rollerskates!

Things I Love Thursday

When my BFFs are in town, life speeds up… A lot. Ever since my two favourite rascals arrived, we’ve been firing on all cylinders! From the boundaries of Broadway to the backstreets of Bushwick, we’ve blazed a sparkly trail all over this city.

We’ve posed in photobooths, poured champagne into one another’s mouths, twirled with parasols and thrown confetti. We’ve danced with disco balls, swooned over pink typewriters and quaffed sangria in twinkling gardens. And of course, that’s barely the half of it!

Things I Love Thursday

True, it has been exhausting at times. The above photo was taken at the end of The Blogcademy, and it signifies how we have felt most days! When the three of us are together, we’re notorious for not giving ourselves a day off: it’s full speed ahead at all times. But it’s worth it. What’s the point of life if not to have so much fun you can barely move?

As I write this, we’re on our way to Minneapolis to have a little adventure. We’re teaching a Blogcademy class at the brand spanking new Public Functionary this weekend, and if you’re thinking about coming along, read this!

Things I Love Thursday

J’adore… Tubs of popcorn as big as your head Black and white photobooths Catching up with past blogcadettes during a fabulous three-hour lunch Hashtags Instagram Video (YAY!) …And, of course, using it to make very questionable videos! Weird excitable dogs Praising all that is holy for sneakers, on days when your feet feel like they might fall off Mixing custom lipstick colours Bright pink buildings “Airports are like being stuck in a Vegas casino, but with nothing cool or fun” Reading about demented doctors Mini plane naps Eating Chinese food and watching Behind The Candelabra and Cool As Ice (guess which one was better!) Kendrick Lamar (“Dreams of living life like rappers do…”) Seeing The Bling Ring for a second time Sweltering nights in the city Plotting new directions over dinner at Northern Spy Beautiful vignettes on street corners Crying and laughing as I read Cool As Ice reviews on IMDB

Things I Love Thursday

Your gratitude prompt: Think about a recent random act of kindness you’ve either given or received. What did you (or someone else) do that made you feel good? I’d love to know all about it… Fill me in!

Much love from the Twin Cities,


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