Things I Love Thursday: Enthusiastic ‘R’ Us!

Things I Love Thursday1960s vixens (& psychedelic sequins)! Why yes, those sequins ARE on a dress in my wardrobe!

Hello! It’s Thursday! Yes, it’s almost the weekend — hallelujah! This also means, of course, that it’s time for a little Things I Love Thursday action. Here’s this week’s list!

Things I Love ThursdayThat button was one of my favourite things about the Brooklyn Zine Fest! The other three photos were taken in a secret back room in a psychedelic fabric store… I was wearing a Boy Scout shirt with a leather jumper, of course… !

Things I Love ThursdayOn Sunday, Rabbit & I bought stacks of zines, ate tacos, had a portrait drawn & tried on bunny-ear hats… The weather was amazing, we wore vintage dresses & lots of mascara!

Things I Love ThursdayI’ve never seen a tulip I didn’t want to photograph! Also featured: new bug dress from Karen Walker, magical candles, & sleepytime with Hank.

Here is a list of things I am currently obsessed with &/or excited about…

Going on a cruise! Um, I really want to make this happen. Actually, I want to go on two cruises: a Mediterranean cruise, & Holy Ship in January! (Omg, break out the ~*~glow sticks~*~ y’all!) I’ve been harrassing Nubby & telling her that this is going to be us. Yes please! I want all our friends to come with us. It would be obnoxiously amazing. Foghorn sound! AHOY!

Govenor’s Ball! Because Fiona Apple is playing & I just can’t say no to her. You know?!

The Color Run! I worked out yesterday that 5k is 12.5 laps around a track. That is a LOT for someone who has never done any running before. Nevertheless, I am excited!

I just found out that you can call Tila Tequila for $10/minute. Wow! Wowwwww. You can also talk to Michael Lohan, but I don’t know why you’d want to?!

Everything at TopShop right now! The whole front of the Soho store is full of amazing sequinned sparkly girlyness. It’s sublime; I totally freaked out when I walked in! I bought this blue metallic pleated leather skirt & Mike told me I look like an “alien cheerleader” in it. (I’ll take that!) I’m pretty fond of the mermaid holographic clutch, too.

Things I Love Thursday

Making recordings of Dolly when she plays with her rope toy! Instagram PILLOWS! (Amazinggggg) That thing where you don’t want to leave the house because you’re enjoying the album you’re listening to so much “You never used to talk dirty, but now you goddamn DISGUSTIN’!” Kanye West, all day long Wearing false eyelashes & Adidas sneakers to the gym Brooklyn adventures Red Cherry false eyelashes (the best brand ever — I’ve been wearing them almost every day!) Giving Dolly a bath & having her make this amazing face! Coconut-scented body lotion

Big love,