Things I Love Thursday: Escape From New York Edition!


I love… Surprise trips away! I found out on Tuesday that I’ll be jetting off to a fab (WARM!) location this Sunday! So excited! I’m going to be gone from Sunday through Tuesday, which isn’t long, but will definitely give me a much-needed break from the snow, ice & general DOOM of New York City! I can’t tell you where I’m going yet–well, I can, but I’m not gonna!–so stay tuned for a surprise on Sunday!

I love… Working out! Quelle nerd. True, though! I definitely haven’t had as much physical stamina while I’ve been doing my cleanse (which is to be expected, I’m only eating one solid meal a day!), but I still looooooooove going to the gym & pushing myself as hard as I can. Even better, my trainer & I like to commandeer the studio so he can play me his favourite mixtapes.

I love…. New hair! Yesterday was another of those marathon hair days: four hours in Bee’s chair while she gave me long, lovely extensions! I always love seeing Bee, we have the best conversations & we snack on raspberries! Plus, I think my hair looks ace. (If you want extensions in the city, she is the girl to see! Tell her I sent you!)

I love… Radical self love workshops! (I better, since I’m doing another one today! Ha!) Our workshop on Tuesday was amazing–the energy from all the participants was absolutely incredible, & as soon as it was over, Facebook groups were formed, email lists were started, addresses were exchanged for a radical self love penpal group, & a Flickr group was made too! So much love!


Things I Love Thursday

Rhinestone bunnies Reading through Nubby’s old travel posts & laughing like a loon Dolly as a mer-dog Givenchy lipstick (it is seriously THE BEST!) Oversized orchids & candystripe heels Taking photos of Dolly yawning (too cute) Leopard-print everything Vanilla candles Flicking my hair around like a demented pony Winged eyeliner Apple wedges & almond butter (still obsessed) Mind-mapping while wearing lip gloss Alexandra Franzen, life-saver, supergirl, genius Crest 3D Whitening Strips (they really do work, even though my teeth are UBER-sensitive right now, ouch) Shocking pink lipstick to combat the shocking weather Mike running around the house like a loon with his modified Nerf gun Skypeing with my parents Bellbottom obsession (no one seems to understand when I tell them… Just wait, you’ll see!) Planning outfits to wear in WARM WEATHER (yesssssssssssss) Vitamin D anticipation 16 days until Nubby & I go to Paris!!! (So much to do before then…) Looking forward to fashion week madness (it’ll be a nice antidote to January’s hermitage) Boxes of macarons (had to hide them in my desk so I won’t eat them until next week) Violet knit hats & as always, Mike, for being awesome!

Your turn! Let us know what you’re loving this week! There were 85 lists submitted last week–I love THAT!

Finally, everything going on in Egypt is really scary. Stay informed & send love.