Things I Love Thursday: Everything & Then Some!

Things I Love ThursdayNuméro #124.

I’m grateful that I’m able to do what I really, really love for a living. I feel so blessed, because I remember how miserable I was working in an office. I adore sitting on the couch with Dolly curled up in my lap, putting together a piece on fashion blogging & body image that is really forcing me to think. I love the people I meet through doing this, & the plethora of interesting opinions I am continually exposed to.

I’m really excited about the new project I’m launching, which you’ll get a taste of when I come back from Los Angeles. It is going to be amazing. I think you’ll do backflips!

I’m happy that I picked the Joy card… Because it really sums up who I am, what I do, & what I’m striving for.

I’m looking forward to flying off to Los Angeles! I can’t wait to see my girl Nubby, eat In-N-Out & do plenty of vintage shopping!

I’m so very, very happy with my life. I love my boyfriend & our dogs, & going for walks along the East River Promenade at dusk. I love my friends for making me laugh & giving me plenty to think about. I love my parents for their never-ending enthusiasm & wise counsel! & I love you guys, for coming along with me on this journey, for sending me sweet emails, for reading what I have to say, & for gracing me with your presence. Thank you.

Keepin’ it simple on this beautiful Thursday!

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