Things I Love Thursday: Evil Nurses, Psychics On The Street & Pink Flamingoes!

Things I Love Thursday

Food Matters!

We watched this documentary last night. I’ve been meaning to see it for the longest time, & last night I finally got around to it. Mike started watching too, & before I knew it, he said to me, “Okay, that’s it. Let’s eat healthy for the rest of the month. You’re in charge. Show me how to do it.” AHHHHHHHHH!!! I’m SO EXCITED. That’s definitely the thing I am most excited about right now!

I think, to make the transition easy, I’m going to aim for 60% raw & 40% cooked, but the cooked foods will only be vegetables & fish. No dairy, no red meat, no chicken, & no processed grossness!

Today I’m going out shopping & I’m going to put together some food plans. EXCITED!

Things I Love ThursdayPink by Jenny Bowers (for Kate Spade, via Felt & Wire).

Things I Love Thursday

Vintage t-shirts designed by Roach Big Sexy Hair Powder Play (new discovery, should be an essential on every girl’s dressing table!) Gayngs — Affiliyated My new (vintage) lucite rhinestone clutch (it is as amazing as it sounds!) Waking up at 4am & tweeting, “Dear 4am, hello. It’s me.”, & having my BFF from New Zealand tweet back, “dear gala, listen to sonic incense by ishq and go back to sleep. love, 4am.” Sublime yoga classes in candlelit studios Sparkly black capri pants Lying down, closing my eyes & listening to Disintegration in its entirety Going out for another amazing meal at Edi & The Wolf Achey yoga body! Donating to the Red Cross & Doctors Without Borders — have you donated too? If so, HIGH FIVE! Oneirology by CunninLynguists (it’s really, truly good) Finding out that I get to see BOTH my BFFs from New Zealand, in New York, this year! This picture “Miss Jackson if you’re nasty!” Babe Rainbow David Dallas feat. Freddie Gibbs — Caught In A Daze “Oh no! It’s St Patrick’s Day! Not a good night for cocktails!” “I know, saw a man in a green bodysuit & panicked!” Wish bracelets breaking after only one day — does this mean I am ultra-good at manifesting? (I think it came true too!) My ugly/fabulous pink cardigan with knitted flamingoes (it makes me feel like a Beverly Hills grandma!) Being an evil nurse (really it’s better that this is all you know!) Stocking up on juice Laughing with my mother on Skype until my eyes water Mike, who is the handsomest The fact that it is going to be 68 degrees tomorrow! “Well, better an epoxy day than a poxy day!” Seeing the very very very beginning of blossoms start to form on branches All the dogs cruising one another Bed-jumping !!!

Things I Love Thursday

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