Things I Love Thursday: For Little Dreamers…


It has been far too long since we last did this, and you know what? I really feel the difference. It feels like time to get back on that train. Sure, I think about the things in my life that I’m grateful for all the time, but actually making time to sit down and write it is something special. It doesn’t only give you time to drop down into thankfulness, it’s a declaration to the universe that you are grateful (and crucially, have room for more!).

Without further ado… Clean laundry, clean bedding, and clean dogs: a winning combination! Adding essential oils to our humidifier to make the house smell glorious Being determined to make this the best spring/summer ever (just to spite this hellish winter!) My husband, who is the best, and who I adore Jade and Eliska, our badass new Blogcademy event coordinators! We have so much good stuff coming, you have no idea! My new magnetic inspiration board Bed-jumping in hotels Marching band beats (why do they sound SO GOOD?) Actually getting tears in my eyes watching this choreography The new season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, so much love! HIIT: pain/pleasure Surprise flower crowns in the mail Seeing great results from my new skincare routine! Cocoa-scented spray-on body moisturiser (a lifesaver!) Talking to my momma on the phone (who has just started going to the gym four days a week, and she is in her late 60s! So amazing and I am endlessly proud!) Peppermint hot chocolate Love potion (more details to come!) Listening to my old mixes on 8tracks Great lunch meetings Crazy good scores at Buffalo Exchange Shauna and Kat for constantly keeping me sane, on-track, and happy! Dreaming dogs Walking home from Tribeca and all the sights and sounds along the way Peanut butter and chocolate protein cookies All the orchids along our windowsill blooming once again Making baths a regular part of my relaxation routine Sunshine on my skin Walking around the city with my love, discussing life, the universe, and everything

“In our perfection-obsessed, air-brushed society, it can be tempting to measure our self-worth against its set of impossible standards. However, organic beauty is in the flaws that make us vulnerable, human and fallible. We are here to learn, evolve and grow. We do not need to become perfect to be worthy of love, there is no such thing. We can not love others when we are withholding love and acceptance from ourselves. We can not criticize ourselves and then reach with open arms to give and receive love from others. It has to start from within, radiating outward. We need to learn how to be unconditionally loving, accepting and forgiving of ourselves, first, if we wish to forge healthy and loving relationships with others.” (Jaeda DeWalt)

Feels good to be back on that gratitude train. Choo choo! What are you thankful for today?

Je t’adore,

Photo by Made U Look.