Things I Love Thursday: From The Big Easy To The Big Apple…

Things I Love Thursday

I’m still reeling from five fabulous days in New Orleans. We had such a fantastic time, but of course, there’s no rest for the wicked awesome! (I stole that saying from my friend Jake.) I came back on Saturday night & dived head-first into work. I keep saying that one of these days I will go on a relaxing holiday, to the Bahamas or something, but it keeps getting delayed in favour of ADVENTURE!

In other news, can you believe it’s only 23 days until The Blogcademy?! Before long, Kat, Nubby & I will be standing up the front of the room, talking to our very first graduating class! We’re all so excited & maniacally compiling materials in order to make it the best class ever.

Also, we picked our scholarship winner & she is coming all the way from New Zealand! How magnificent is that?! (Of course, I am thrilled to have another Kiwi to chat with, too!)

Things I Love ThursdayLavender roses & lilies; my new furry cardigan; macarons at Sucre in New Orleans; I loved this skeleton painted onto the side of The Bean in the East Village!

Things I Love ThursdayAn outfit (Motel striped crop top & pink skirt from J.Crew); best bag ever; Miu Miu ribbon; a fantastic sticker I saw the other morning.

Things I Love Thursday

Late-night gin parties with Rabbit Walking through the city in the early morning with my beloved I don’t want to alarm anyone but Jess bullied me into buying black toothpick jeans at J.Crew on Friday & I have been wearing them EVERY DAY SINCE Fluffy cardigans Buying groceries & fresh flowers on a Sunday (feels virtuous!) Stumbling upon a free circus on my way home, & sitting down to watch & laugh Creepy ghosts & skeletons painted all over the city in anticipation of halloween Buying a big grey hat that makes me look like an heiress on safari Almond butter cup smoothies Halloween-themed everything (like the Sally Hansen Salon Effects nailpolish strips! CUTE) New sunglasses (few things make you feel more glamourous) Stealing clementines out of the fridge — so delicious & beaucoup du Vitamin C! Making the most of avocados before they’re out of season (read: lots of guacamole) AIOLI (best) All of these mixtapes which are sweet & optimistic & great background music for writing &/or scheming Mike & I just started watching Breaking Bad & it is AMAZING!

What’s making you happy today? Do you write gratitude lists?

P.S. My t-shirt in the top picture is from Kill Star Clothing! (I’ve had lots of questions about it — it makes me laugh!) It was a t-shirt but I cut the arms & neck out of it…